John Staib

John Staib


806 N. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60642

John Staib is a senior real estate finance professional with more than 25 years experience at a number of global investment banks. Over this period he has been involved in the origination, securitization and distribution of mortgage-backed securities.

Throughout his diversified career he has worked with mortgage originators, mortgage conduits, FHLMC & FNMA, home builders, mortgage REITs, commercial and money center banks, insurance companies as well as other investors and traders in mortgage related products.

His most recent position was with Goldman Sachs as a derivatives specialist using a variety of exchange-traded and over- the-counter derivatives to contain or manage risk. 

Johns expertise in single-family and multi-family residential properties and condominiums, combined with a thorough understanding of securitized residential mortgage-backed securities structures and other capital markets instruments provides a platform to analyze real estate, and identify alternate opportunities for financial institutions. 

Along with Ralph Cram, John leads @properties' initiative to offer a wide range of real estate services to lenders and large institutional investors that few advisors can match in Chicago. ISG offers sales, marketing, receivership, asset preservation, property management, consulting, development and investment advisory services relating to the disposition or acquisition of mortgage notes, residential and commercial properties.

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