Nathan Binkley

Nathan Binkley


806 N. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60642


Nathan’s success in real estate is driven by his professionalism, outgoing personality, communication skills, and most importantly his dedication to achieving his clients’ goals.

His unique approach comes from years in the hospitality industry, as well as a small business owner and entrepreneur.  During these endeavors, Nathan learned the true value of exemplary customer service. Whether you’re a buyer, a seller or a potential client, he will keep the lines of communication open and attend to  your needs.

Nathan and his wife, Emily are both from Iowa and graduates of The University of Iowa.  Since living in Chicago, they have been residents of the Gold Coast, West Loop and most recently, Old Town.  On their days off, he and Emily can typically be found at one of Chicago’s restaurants or music venues.

Clients are saying:

""You will not find a more generally knowledgable, Chicago-savvy, genuinely caring realtor. I sincerely believe that we would not have A) found our condo nor B) closed with another agent.

A) We were looking for something very specific in a space. Our pickiness did not daunt Nathan. He did, however, honestly and clearly manage our expectations with deep education on the local environment and, in turn, how this environment would effect the ease (or lack thereof) and timeframe wherein we could expect the find The Place. The space on which we ended up closing was a pocket listing. Aka, we quite literally would not have found it without Nathan's extensive local network and know how.

B) Our condo faced a few obstacles in the closing process. Nathan navigated these seemingly effortlessly on our behalf despite the complicated nature of the issues (ours had to do with zoning). He, again, called upon his diverse experience and network to successfully get us to closing -- all the while helping morale up in an emotional time.

One of the most notable characteristics about Nathan is his ability to educate. He explained every technical step/issue resolution point in clearer terms than any other resource. This is extremely important not only in times of uncertainty but generally -- my sense of understanding grew with every connection with Nathan. All in all, he is truly your partner in regard to his objective; he was clearly in it to find us the perfect space with minimal headache. Can't say enough about that mindset in this kind of transaction." - Bridget, Wicker Park"

""We bought our first home with Nate's help, and we are so appreciative of his patience and honesty. He helped us hone in on exactly what we were looking for, and after "the one" fell through due to structural issues, he helped us find something even better. Nate gives it to you straight, which is exactly what you need when making such a big decision. Plus, he's ON IT - he knows all the details and is very responsive.

Nate, come over for dinner soon! We miss you, and seeing your face on the bus stop benches simply isn't enough. :)" - Kim, East Village"

""This is the fourth transaction we've closed with Nathan in the last 4 or 5 years. Each time we've bought with him, we've managed to get a great place at a great price before it hit the market.

In our most recent transaction in Roscoe Village, Nathan wanted to price our unit quite a bit higher than we thought we could get, which made us a little nervous! But, having been down this road before with our last sale, we trusted his judgement and marketing strategy. Via Nathan's pocket networks and TAN ("Top Agent Network" where a lot of the top brokers in Chicago operate before listings hit the MLS) we were able to secure a contract on our property with multiple offers and a post-close possession agreement that allowed us to stay in our current home and shop for a new home in the burbs without a home sale contingency. Not having the home sale contingency on our condo in the city allowed us to win out in a multi-bid on our home in the burbs. This was a BIG deal.

The contract that Nathan procured on our condo in the city was heavily scrutinized by the listing broker on the home we were purchasing in the burbs. Basically, the other broker just wanted to know the likelihood of the deal going through. Nathan walked us through this process prior to accepting the offer and explained the importance of working with a "good" broker and lender on the other side of the transaction (not an internet/discount broker) and how that would come into play when we were trying to buy a home in the burbs. We didn't think it would be a huge deal, but it really did end up making a difference.

Nathan also discussed with us the importance of technology when it comes to selling real estate and how not all brokerages/brokers and lenders are the same. Having been through the sales process before, we understood (more than first-time buyers or sellers) the importance of having a seasoned broker on the other side of the deal who would be able to coach the first-time buyers through the sale process on our current condo. While we understand this isn't something you can always control, we felt much better accepting the contract with the full service broker knowing that the buyers were represented by a real broker and not an internet agent.

Bottom line, Nathan and his team PUSHED price on our condo and closed it with multiple offers for $19,000 MORE than the Redfin estimate. It was funny to watch the internet sites update the value of our home once it closed! If you're looking to sell your home quickly for the most amount of money, call Nathan and his team, we're 4 for 4!" - Matt, Roscoe Village"

""We ended up getting a buyer under contract on our unit for a building record and for 18% more than the price quoted on Redfin. Our sale price was $83,000 more than what is quoted on Redfin and Zillow. Even though the appraisal came in short, we were able to split the difference with the buyer and still closed for significantly higher than we thought possible. Nathan was very efficient at finding us buyers via a variety of off market networks he belongs to (I think it's called TAN for like the top agents in Chicago). Via these networks, he was actually able to push the price of our listing a LOT in the pre-market stage and we never even listed our unit.

Nathan did a fantastic job selling our place in the West Loop, I would definitely recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable about the West Loop neighborhood. At the beginning of the sales process he took the time to explain the entire process and answer all of our questions. He was also very well prepared with available properties and comparative sales even at our first meeting.

If you're looking for someone to aggressively market your home and who will have your best interests in mind and how will sincerely work to get you the most money for your unit, hire Nathan and his team!" - Erika, West Loop"

""Nathan was a gem! My husband and I were in the process of buying our first home, and reached out to Nathan based off a recommendation from a friend. I was overwhelmed to say the least when we were starting to find brokers and discuss buying - but Nathan was the key to our success and helped us every step of the way! Even in our first meeting with him, he explained the overall buying process and what we should expect. He is very knowledgeable about the market and balancing out your wants/needs with your price point. It was super helpful having someone ask questions at our visits that my husband and I weren't necessarily thinking about for resale value. I never felt pressured to pick a home or rushed to make a decision. Nathan always pointed out the positives and negatives about a home, allowing us to make an educated decision. He was there every step of the way to answer our questions about bidding, loans, attorneys, etc through email, phone, and text. I'd recommend Nathan to anyone searching for a home, - especially for first time home buyers." - Rosa, Ravenswood"

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