Joanne Boufis

Joanne Boufis


1009 Waukegan Rd.
Glenview, IL 60025

Joanne Boufis is a woman who has achieved success through a number of avenues such as Real Estate (Certified International Property Specialist), Health, and Philanthropy. She possesses a true entrepreneurial spirit, a natural business mindset and a genuine interest in helping others succeed. She values the fact that her clients have trusted her with their high portfolio investments.   

Relationships are very important to Joanne, both in her community and around the world. Her passion is supporting charities and businesses that will make a positive impact in the daily lives of others. To those that know her, she is a Super Connector. On a daily basis, she is connecting good people to the right resources to create meaningful relationships, as well as opportunities. Joanne credits much of her success to the long standing relationships she has forged with so many people through the years.

"Yiasas" is a friendly 'hello' or 'goodbye' in Greek. Being a first generation Greek in America, Joanne believes it is important to incorporate many of the unique values the Greek culture provides into her business ventures. Injecting values such as Honesty, Transparency, Integrity, and Trust make it easy for people who meet her to quickly understand why she's successful. Joanne'es latest venture, Yiasas Home, Inc. focuses on simplifying all aspects of Real Estate for her clients under one umbrella. From buying & selling to renovations & declutter, this business provides it all. "Real Estate isn't always easy, and I've realized that people would do more within the industry if things were just simpler. That's when I knew I had a winning business idea." - Joanne Boufis. 

Joanne Boufis is the elected Co-President of the Glenview Women's Club, a part of the prestigious US Women of Today organization, where she also sits on the board. This is a club where women come together to raise money not only to donate to charities, but to improve their community. The Women’s Club conducts many events throughout the year, such as celebrity fashion shows, some of which are regularly scheduled such as the local farmer’s market founded in the 80s. This year, the money is disbursed to over 17 charities, local night schools, preschools, and the cancer research foundation. 

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Clients are saying:

"Joanne was extremely professional and responsive. She found our tenant within a week. Her posting elicited a great response. I would recommend her to anyone. She has a very special touch, combining a winning personality with great competence."

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