Tekela Robinson

Tekela Robinson


212 E. Ohio Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60611

"The home you seek is seeking you!"

Tekela is an intuitive, smart and creative individual. After 20 years of serving, bartending and managing in some of the best restaurants in New York and Chicago, she decided to take a risk and start a new career. The real estate industry felt like a good progression that would put her acquired skill set to great use. The service industry demands exceptional people skills, effective communication, patience, organization, multitasking and the ability to anticipate her coustomers/clients wants and need before they know it themselves.

Tekela graduated with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts in 2006. She naturally has an eye for interior and exterior design and a great appreciation for the aesthetic value in all things especially a beautiful home or a potentially beautiful one. In 2012 she became a leasing agent specializing in downtown luxury high rise living spaces. She developed into one of the top sales persons in her agency and it was then that she truly fell in love with real estate and helping people find a place that feels like home.

"Buying a home is a wise and important investment. A home is a safe-haven, a space where we can recharge, rejuenate; find peace, balance and inspiration. Finding that space is a creative process and having a clear vision of your ideal outcome is an important part of this process. Selling a home is the other side of the same coin only your ideal outcome would be freedom and your home's equity. Let me be there for you and guide you through the entire process. I believe that once you make a decision to do something with a positive focus, intuition, right-timing and synchonicity all work in your favor and so do I.

The home you seek is seeking you!

Also if you need to rent, lease or sublease, I can help you. All inquires are welcome!"

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Clients are saying:

"Tekela is very responsive and agile- and that is important in a market with such quick turnovers. She helped me find a great deal on a place I absolutely love. If she had not been so attentive, I would have missed this opportunity. Moreover, she helped me with professionalism and kindness. She handled all the details like the pro she is. I highly recommend her."

"I was looking for a luxury sky rise apt in south loop chicago . My Realator Ms. Robinson was very helpful knowing the different buildings and amenities . She was very professional and prompt when meeting and email communication. I found a beautiful 1bed unit on the 27th floor with a pool , jacuzzi, BBQ patio, heated garage, full gym, I'm so in love with my new luxury unit! I def recommend Tekela Robinson for all your needs."

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