Karen Morris

Karen Morris


548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

“The key ingredients to my success include over 26 years of experience in sales, expert market knowledge, drive and focus — but most importantly, the trust of my clients. These have helped me

earn “Top Residential Producer” recognition by the Chicago Association of REALTORS®.”

Karen Morris keeps her clients informed of current local trends using the latest market data along with guidance and advocacy to help them make intelligent real estate decisions. She keenly understands that buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial and emotional decisions one can make in a lifetime.

“Karen is professional, honest and always puts her clients first.”

A resident of downtown Chicago for 22 years, Karen is an expert on the city market. She currently lives in Lincoln Park with her husband, and concentrates her business there as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and near north suburbs. With a vast knowledge of the Chicago market, Karen is skilled at helping buyers find the right home in the right location.

“If you are lucky enough to work with Karen, you will be 110% satisfied.”

From first-time buyers to luxury sellers, Karen’s business is primarily referral based. She has also created strong partnerships with others in the industry, a critical component to getting deals done. Karen prides herself on making the real estate process as seamless as possible.

“Karen showed extraordinary professionalism and I could not have had better support. The personal attention and direction she provided was incredible.”

In her free time, Karen enjoys travelling, skiing and bicycling.

“I am completely dedicated to your real estate success as well as

providing you a professional, positive experience.

Contact me if you’re looking for both!”

Clients are saying:

"My wife, Elizabeth, and I emphatically state that Karen Morris is a superstar broker. She is extremely bright and is able to rapidly identify and understand her clients' needs, goals and objectives. Her experience provides the client with an empirical expertise that structures a strategy for the client and solely in the client's best interest. While her strategy is determined and focused, she retains the necessary flexibility to modify any sales plan to accommodate unexpected demands from the other prospective party to the transaction. Her interest in the client's welfare is very intense and she participates in every activity during the pendency of the transaction while keeping the client informed of every detail. Lastly, her charming personality, an unquantifiable dimension, is the catalyst that coordinates all of the complex factors of the transaction into a smooth conclusion. She is second to none. A class by herself."

"I came in for one weekend from out of town and wanted to make an offer on a property that weekend. Karen immediately got a sense of who we were, what we would like and where we were willing to go in price. She did not waste my time by showing me properties that did not fit us or our price range. She set up multiple appointments to maximize my time, gave valuable input on neighborhoods and housing styles, and was able to quickly give me a sense of Chicago, an area I was somewhat familiar with. By the end of the weekend, we identified the property and made an offer. We have moved many times and Karen is the rare broker who can help you focus and make an excellent buying decision."

"While I have bought and sold a number of houses in the past, I experienced a high level of service with Karen. Each phase of the sales effort has been superior, such as innovative efforts in staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace."

"A coworker recommended Karen to me when I began my first condo search in Chicago and was dissatisfied with the pushy realtors I met. I cannot be more thankful.She has spotted special assessment level defects that I would never have noticed and that might not have been in board meeting minutes, helped imagine renovations, given sage advice on issues critical to long term value of the condo, and been excellent during negotiations. All while making me laugh, feel comfortable, never smooth talking, and leaving the impression that I was her only client. My partner said, "You get the sense that she doesn't need the money, that she does real estate because she loves it." He's right and it'sobvious. After a friend went on showings with Karen and me, he left his agent after the contract expired and started with Karen.At first I doubted the value of a real estate agent because these days the internet has a wealth of up-to-date listings, past sale data, and other relevant information about buildings and the units themselves. Those data have certainly helped me in my search. However, working with Karen, it's clear no DIY research online can return close to the value she brings in terms of dollars and the security that someone highly competent is double-checking and questioning my decisions."

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated the number of hours Karen spent with me in person, by phone, and email keeping me totally informed every step of the way - morning and night. She showed extraordinary professionalism and I could not have had better support. The personal attention and direction she provided was incredible.Throughout my search, Karen was incredibly patient and completely engaged. Karen is obviously in real-estate because she likes people. If you are lucky enough to work with Karen, you will be 110% satisfied.Being a first time buyer is exciting & fun, but at the same time it can become stressful. She never once left me feeling confused or in the dark. Her astounding professionalism, passion & excitement made me feel like I was working with a friend and not just a realtor.I would highly recommend Karen as an outstanding realtor who goes to great lengths to make your home buying process efficient and pleasurable... Karen's enthusiasm made our days together great fun.Karen was more to me than just a realtor. Not only did she take all the time it required, anytime, to ...discuss all the details of the process of buying a house in an new environment new but she was incredibly patient with me, as we worked together six months before finding the perfect place.Karen is a hardworking and dedicated realtor. Not only is she a great realtor who really knows the "ins and outs" of the business, she's also a very caring and genuine woman who strives for perfection. She knows the needs of all her clients and helps them reach their goals."

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