Jeff Holcomb

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Jeff Holcomb joins @properties after a long, successful career in financial services, where he participated in all aspects of interest rate futures markets and brings a wealth of experience and expertise in market analysis, critical timing, strategy and negotiation.  


Technology has changed the landscape of every industry, and real estate is no exception.  Every buyer, seller, and consumer has access to more information than ever before, revolutionizing the role of today's real estate professional.  Two very distinct and crucial skill sets stand out:  First, making certain that what a client sees at the click of a mouse is accurate, correct, or even up-to-date.  Jeff's knowledge and attention to detail will be an essential asset for those negotiating this new reality.  Second, and more importantly, a buyer or seller needs to stay in front of the information curve.  Jeff will be a strong, well-informed advocate in this process.


Jeff Holcomb brings many years of professional experience and business acumen to real estate. He was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for over 30 years, considered the biggest market in the world.  The time he spent on the trading floor provided the foundation of understanding how markets function and the ability to react quickly and decisively to shifting circumstances.  Thinking clearly on his feet has become second nature to Jeff.  His experience in interest rate markets can help with insights into how Fed policy and economic fluctuations factor into clients making well-informed, successful real estate decisions.


Jeff joining forces with @properties brings this all together.  @properties’ next-generation technology sets the standard for the industry.  Its marketing is comprehensive and cutting edge, and the educational opportunities are both focused and wide-ranging.  Every great thing you've probably heard about @properties is true.  Combine that with Jeff's genuine commitment to his clients and his community, and you've got a winning team.


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