Eddie Bonilla

Eddie Bonilla


1875 N. Damen
Chicago, IL 60647

Eddie Bonilla's understanding of the Chicago market for Residential Real Estate and his experience managing sales teams has helped him to create a solid process for transactions with many different moving parts. Eddie has negotiatied contract pricing for over 15 years and he understands how team dynamic and structure equal winning results.

Who he is naturally, allows him to easily connect and work with a team of people. Eddie sets the bar high and has prepared himself to deliver everyone he works with a smooth transaction. He has a very unassuming way of assertively and politely driving the process. He approaches every transaction with an open heart and mind.

Residential Real Estate makes dreams come true and Eddie wants to help bring your dream to fruition.

Clients are saying:

"Eddie recently handled the sale of my 2 bed/2 bath condo in Forest Park, and was able to negotiate an asking price that led to the EXACT profit that I was hoping for - which was ambitious to begin with! Although he is relatively new to real estate, it was clear that Eddie's decades of previous experience in sales plays a huge role in the way that he strategically navigates discussions with potential buyers and their agents. He has an incredibly gregarious personality that seems to work it's way naturally into people's better sides, and he made the process for everyone involved light/fun. He also displayed some impressive foresight as a new agent - frequently updating me about conversations he had with prospects in order to educate me along the way to ensure there were no surprises in expectations. I think Eddie is really able to 'tune-in' to others, as he was spot on in his assessment of the buyer who, after showing initial interest, disappeared for a while. Eddie had a gut feeling that she would 'be back' and indeed she did, to buy my place! Speaking as a first time seller, I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to have someone oversee all of the major concerns and strategizing that come along with the process. #satisfied"

"I normally do not take the time to post statements or feedback on websites. However, I am going to make an exception in the case of Eddie Bonilla! I recently was promoted by my company and with the promotion came a requirement to move to Dallas, TX. Also, came the need to sell my home and in a hurry. I can't even use words to describe how fortunate I was to have Eddie as my realtor. From the pre-sale meeting, to the planning and even the pictures, he was nothing but incredible! The results prove what I am saying...February 24th house posted MLS, March 3rd for sale sign posted in yard, March 5th open house and "CASH BUYER IN THE FIRST HOUR OF THE OPEN HOUSE". Offer excepted, house sold!!! If you really want to sell your home and enjoy the experience, then you better seek out Eddie as your agent."

"Eddie stayed on top of everything from day one all the way through to closing. He provided a top notch experience. Working with him was the best experience I had during this entire process. Thank you Eddie!"

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