C. Steven Weirich

C. Steven Weirich


31 S. Evergreen Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

"A prescription without a diagnosis, is malpractice."

An entrepreneur and a relentless innovator of the real estate industry, Steven Weirich is co-creator of The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate, author of the infamous report Frauds, Lies, Cheats & Unethical Scams and founder of Arlington-Prospect Advice Givers, a weekly podcast broadcasted on iTunes and Stitcher. The podcast interview provides a platform for local entrepreneurs, business owners, and thought leaders in our community.  Steve is also a licensed agent with @properties where his distinctive approach to selling real estate has been helping clients get the results they deserve. Weirich has been called Provocative and Entertaining, but also A committed philanthropist for his mission to raise/donate over $10,000 to local charities each year with the donations received from his book. Steven is a leader in the Arlington Heights-Mount Prospect business community as well, and co-founded ENG (Entrepreneurs Networking Group„¢) an Arlington-Prospect Chapter made up of an exclusive group of business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs focused on three pillars of impact: Philanthropy, Business, and Growth.


 For the last two years I have dedicated my time researching a more effective approach to selling real estate. Results for my clients are of the utmost importance to my business. I co-wrote ˜The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate™ so my clients and prospective clients can learn this innovative process and business philosophy. If you or someone you know would like copy of my book please go to http://www.literature4charity.com/. All I ask of you is to make a $5 donation to a charity of your choice using the honor system. My goal is to donate $10,000 to local charities each year with the distribution of my book. 

Free Home Diagnosis

 "A Prescription Without a Diagnosis, Is Malpractice". You don't go to a doctor and get a perscription before the doctor formulates a diagnosis for you, do you? Your home is a huge investment, and it ought to be treated that way. By going through a diagnosis we can drive up the value of your home. For a free home diagnosis go to  http://www.requestfreediagnosticexam.com

Clients are saying:

"Steve was extremely helpful! He made our house hunting and buying process go extremely smooth. Steve is very knowledgeable about the areas we were searching and provided great insight on the various houses we looked at. We appreciated his honesty and eye for pointing out areas for concern or positives in houses. When our friends started their house hunting process we recommended Steve without any hesitation."

"When it came time to sell my first house, I was very hesitant about using someone that I knew. Growing up in the area and being involved in many different local businesses over the years, my network had grown to a fairly substantial size, and many were in the Real Estate business. I could see the vultures circling already as I mentioned that I was looking to move, and people that I hadn’t heard from in years were suddenly interested in me (or should I say my inevitable closing commission). Mind you I had worked in the insurance world and with my Dad as a local independent agent, I was very familiar with the local market and its “big players”. In fact, my Father insured a few and his office was located inside a shared office space that was owned and occupied by one.
But like I said, none of these agents had ever sparked my interest as being someone that ran their business differently than the lovable character Gil from the Simpsons, just chomping at the bit for that next sale and using every sales technique under the sun to close business. Being a Salesperson myself, I could spot these cliche types from a mile away with their Zig Ziggler canned lines and standard uniforms a la blazers and golf shirts. But my friend Steve had spent the last 3 years tickling my radar with his business. For once someone had cut through the bullsh!+ and laid it on the table in a way my financially licensed mind could understand: my house was my largest asset, and walking away with anything less than the max my unique property and the local market would bear was not an option.
And with my knowledge that was just enough to make me dangerous but would end up being dangerous if left unchecked, I knew Steve would be the business partner that I could trust. And that’s how I approached the transaction from the beginning: I was bringing a business partner to my most inner of sanctums, and trusting him to be both honest but the voice of reason as well.
From the beginning, Steve set proper expectations for both the price, timeframe and weekly strategies we would need to secure the sale of my home. From listening to my gripping when people would leave lights on or show up an hour early for scheduled appointments, Steve was always there to listen, let me vent, and in turn, explain our commitment to the plan. Always with a laugh, a smile, and a down to earth reality that kept me true to our commitment.
I not only completed my transaction in the timeframe we had discussed but was able to negotiate well beyond the sale of just the property itself. From his photographers to the legal team, things ran like a well-oiled machine and when they didn’t, Steve was the first to admit his oversights and correct them quickly.
If you haven’t had the chance to read Steve’s book yet or to listen to his podcast, do yourself a favor and do so even if you’re not in the market. You’ll learn so much more about being an entrepreneur in this crazy social media age. And the main takeaway I’ll leave you with is this: by the end not only will you learn a great deal about how true connections still shape business, but you’ll find yourself drawn to continue on this journey with Steve as a business partner and friend."

"Steve was a true professional throughout the entire process of buying our home. As a first time home buyer, navigating the system is incredibly confusing and Steve's guidance made things so much easier. I was impressed with how well he facilitated communication between all involved parties (attorneys, agents, etc.) when needed. He was always available when we needed him and always gave his undivided attention - he never seemed rushed or annoyed (and believe me, we contacted him a lot!). Since we found our dream home, I hope to not need his services again any time soon, but I would recommend him to anyone without question."

"I have been is sales for 25 years and have not seen anyone like
C Steve Weirich for over 15 years with his skills, knowledge, great personality, genuine concern, a real work ethic and enthusiasm! Steve was always there for me any time I needed him! He always conducted himself as a "PROFESSIONAL", always on course to make everything the way you wanted it, which is rare in today's working market! I was so happy that I picked him and anyone else would be too! Today and always I would recommend him to help you with any Real Estate transaction without hesitation and I am proud to call him now a great friend, Steve keep up the great personal work now and forever!"

"This is our true story . . . . . . . . . We started the process of selling our home in the spring of 2016. After six months, we took our home off the market due to an appalling experience with the first realtor we had hired to sell our home.

In the spring of 2017 and with this new knowledge of unscrupulous realtors, we decided to reconsider two realtors that we had previously interviewed. We knew these two individuals through the sale/purchase of families’ homes in the past and had developed a friendly relationship with each of them.

During the fall/winter of 2016 when our home was not on the market, Steve had contacted us to introduce himself and to provide us with valuable information about his real estate philosophy. We decided to interview him due to his reassuring diligence over the months before putting our home back on the market. After meeting with Steve, we decided to take a leap of faith and signed a contract with him to sell our home. Steve’s enthusiasm and honesty over the months of chatting on the telephone won us over. Our hope was that we hadn’t made another mistake by choosing the wrong realtor, especially since we knew how competent the other two realtors were with our family members in the past. As we all know, the circumstances involved in buying and selling real estate can be extremely stressful. Steve was so reassuring and he pleasantly surprised us on many occasions with his opinion on various concerns that we had during the selling process. We felt that he wasn’t out to make a quick sale just to earn his realtor fees because he was incredibly thoughtful with the advice that he gave to us.

Steve is the only realtor that we are aware of who willingly met potential buyers and their agents at first showings which is truly impressed. Steve wanted to tell the “story” of our home which we thought was an exceptional and innovative approach. Quite honestly, we couldn't have asked for a more consummate professional to handle our real estate needs and we are so privileged to have met Steve. We went from the worse possible realtor selection to the very best within a year.

In addition to his professionalism, Steve has been kind, thoughtful, friendly and considerate throughout this entire process. It is our pleasure to recommend him to family and friends when they are ready to buy and/or sell. If you want to save yourself the aggravation in deciding what realtor you can trust, we can make that decision so easy for you by recommending Steve Weirich from @properties.

Bob and Deb Freeman
Palatine, Illinois"

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