Vicky Kourtis

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Vicky Kourtis, Broker  Vicky's background in commercial property management is what inspired her to become an @properties real estate broker. She is widely recognized by The Home Connective's clients and colleagues industry-wide for her outstanding service and timeliness when responding to each client's needs and concerns, always placing their objectives at the forefront of every transaction. Her patience, strong work ethic and in-depth analysis of the local real estate markets are what drive her success. Vicky promises to make your home buying experience enjoyable and effortless. 

Born in Chicago, and currently residing in North Hoffman Estates, Vicky offers her clients her knowledge of both the city and suburban real estate markets. Vicky received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago and Certificate in Graphic Design from the Illinois Institute of Art. Vicky is fluent in Greek, enjoys yoga, and spending time with her family and friends, many of whom were initially her clients. 

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