Corey Miller

Corey Miller


548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

Corey Miller is a dynamic and motivated real estate agent with the Lavelle Group. Originally from Houston, TX, he has lived and worked in northwest Chicago for the last 14 years. Corey focuses on serving Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, and Old Town, but as an agent who specializes in return-on-investment transactions. He will search throughout Chicagoland to find the best deals for his clients. Whether buying, selling or leasing, Corey excels at negotiating. His clients can attest to his skills in sales and makerting, making the real estate process headache-free and profitable. When Corey is not working with a client, he is working as a personal trainer or spending time with his wife and four young daughters.

Clients are saying:

"I had the best time working with Corey, who was referred to me by a friend, and whom I subsequently referred to someone else, and whom I hope to work with again in the Spring!

Corey is knowledgeable about many aspects of real estate, from where to look, to returns on investment properties. He knows what to look for that could be potential problems in the structure. He pointed out things about the neighborhoods that I would have missed and would have made big mistakes.

Corey has a keen understanding of financing, insurance and almost everything you will need to know to complete your real estate transaction.

I never felt pressured to "hurry up and buy", or to look at properties that would yield him a higher commission, but wasn't right for my needs. He asks all the right questions to understand what I was looking for ​and even helped me understand better what my needs were when I wasn't sure."

"Working with Corey was a great experience. My wife and I were living outside of the United States and needed someone on the ground that we could trust to help us find an apartment in Chicago. I knew Corey through a professional connection and reached out to him right away, and I'm glad I did!

Corey helped us through every process of our apartment search, and made sure to keep us up to date on what was going on in the market. When we found a place that we were interested in, Corey organized the (digital) showing, spoke to the landlord on our behalf, and kept is 100% in the loop despite a 4,000 mile distance and 6 hour time difference. Needless to say, we got the apartment that we wanted and could not be happier!

I cannot recommend working with Corey enough - he puts his clients first and is always willing to go the extra mile.​"

"Have a Realtor that you can trust like a friend. When shopping for my first home, I knew I needed someone on my team that would guide me through the tumultuous experience of home buying. I ended up interviewing 4 different Realtors and Corey outshined them all. What gravitated me toward Corey was his trustworthiness and persuasiveness (two things that are very hard to come by in one Realtor).

Corey was very patient with my requests to see multiple homes in the coming weeks and would even stop in the middle of his workout to come meet with me at a potential home.

Through our month-long search for the perfect home, Corey didn’t pressure me to pick any old home and he never steered me in the wrong direction. There were homes that looked absolutely beautiful on the inside but Corey would let me know that the return of investment was little to none for the neighborhood. And you can trust that Corey would never have you bid more money than what he would feel comfortable bidding for the home himself. You can trust this guy.

His negotiating skills are also impressive. His charismatic​ nature came in handy when I was in a bidding war on a home I eventually won. Corey’s competitiveness came in handy when it came time to battle with other bidders. He was able to smooth over the deal with the Seller to accept my bid with his very persuasive negotiating skills. Best of all, I didn’t go over my initial estimate for the bid!

From beginning to end, Corey will be there to help you through the process. From his expert advice to his unrelenting bargaining skills...this is definitely the guy you want on your team! Corey plays to win."

"Corey was a great help to me in navigating my first purchase of a multi-family home. He offered great advice on the neighborhoods I was considering and took the time to show me properties in multiple neighborhoods until I found an area I liked.

Since I could only qualify to buy a multi-family home if​ I used an FHA loan, I needed the properties to bring in a certain amount of income that could be used to qualify for the loan. Corey helped me to determine if the properties would meet the necessary criteria to qualify, and offered his opinion on whether or not the properties would pass FHA inspection or if they would need extensive rehabilitation.

I was also relocating to the area and didn't want to rent for a year before purchasing a property, so Corey worked hard to schedule as many showings as possible in the short time I had available. He was often available on short notice and was usually able to get me in to see to all of the units of the property, which is difficult to do since getting access to all the units is typically a problem with multi-family properties because there are renters living in the units. Corey was able to coordinate with the sellers' agents and the owners to make sure I could see as much of the properties as possible.

I would highly recommend using Corey Miller to purchase a property. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, are purchasing a multi-family property, are relocating, or just need advice on the best neighborhood for you: he will help you figure out the options you have available and follow through in assisting you to make your purchase."

"Corey was super helpful in navigating my wife and I through the process of buying our first home. He took the time to explain the process thoroughly. He made my wife comfortable and assured my doubts. We like many, know plenty of realtors but what separates Corey from the pack is his negotiating skills, no matter how big or meaningful the purchase is. With five offers on the table, ​he got us into our first home!

Thanks Corey! The boys love their home!"

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