Maggie Schafer

Maggie Schafer


806 N. Peoria
Chicago, IL 60642

Honest, friendly and hardworking, Maggie Schafer keeps her finger on the pulse of Chicago's real estate market so that she can provide her clients with the best experiences possible. By combining a warm and open communication style with her focused ability to get things done, she consistently exceeds client expectations. 

Maggie offers an expertise in marketing and a creative approach to real estate. Her background in advertising, along with her experience preparing listings for a home staging company, allows her to portray property listings in a way that sets them apart from the competition. Additionally, she uses her unique outlook and knowledge of the local market to help buyers envision the potential of a property. 

Born and raised in and around Chicago, Maggie possesses an intimate knowledge of multiple neighborhoods and suburbs. Over the past seven years she has lived in some of Chicago's hippest areas, including the West Loop, Bucktown, Logan Square and Noble Square.  A graduate of University of Wisconsin, Madison, she spends her free time reading, writing, working out and dancing poorly in her living room. 

Clients are saying:

"When helping me search for my apartment, Maggie put the extra effort in to find places with everything I was looking for while staying in my price range. She is knowledgable about many neighborhoods, easy to get in touch with and genuinely enjoyable to be around. Working with her made the whole process easy."

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