Clare Pollinger

Clare Pollinger


906 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60610


Clare Pollinger is a veteran Real Estate Broker with over 15 years experience and an integral part of a top performing team of brokers. Clare represents buyers and sellers in a wide array of real estate transactions and is successfully guiding local, national and international clients in their real estate acquisitions.

After graduating with an advanced degree in Economics, Clare launched her career with leading global banking, securities and investment management firms and a Fortune 500 consulting firm assigned to Sears for business development.

Broker's Broker...

Clare was the Founder & Managing Broker of a real estate company. She built the firm from the ground up and built a team of over 35 associates, developed a sales and marketing strategy, general P&L management and business development. Clare grew the company over 10 years, expanding into 5 markets and finally sold the company in 2008 after over $1 billion in sales.

See the trends...

This scope of education and experience make Clare a different kind of Real Estate Broker.

Being current about the Chicago real estate market, its trends, and possibilities allow Clare to evaluate and target opportunities, find suitable properties, and provide unsurpassed advise to her clients.

Clare M Pollinger:

"My career has not been based upon speculation or extraordinary luck, but stubborn adherence to discipline, commitment and dedication to each of my Clients. Each Client is the ONE most important Client to me… That's my promise!"

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