Angeline Brousseau

Angeline Brousseau


548 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

I grew up in Arlington Heights and went to school in Chicago where I worked in the foodservice industry to support myself while pursuing a degree in Interior Design at the Illinois Institute of Art. After graduating, I started my own business offering residential design and staging services before I moved into primarily home staging. I became acquainted with Real Estate during this period as I assisted homeowners and realtors in decreasing their market time and increasing their sale price. As my interest in Real Estate grew, I began to realize the value of my knowledge and experience and the different directions I could extend it to. So with the zeal and vigor that have always been characteristic of my visions and drive, I dove headfirst into Leasing and Real Estate. With hard work and determination, I had my license in less than two months. I have consistently demonstrated to each and every client that I am trustworthy, reliable, and will go to the end of the earth to advocate for their needs. It's what I value and it's what I love.

When I'm not assisting clients, friends, family, and neighbors with their real estate needs, I spend my free time with my husband, son, and two basset hounds, exploring Chicago and enjoying the lakefront. I love to read, play music, and write and am currently working on a series of children's books that offer skills and lessons in emotion regulation and mindfulness. I am a strong advocate for animals and children and have devoted much of my time to volunteering at youth centers and animal shelters.

I believe that nothing is truly done successfully without integrity, enthusiasm, and a little bit of grit; that there is no challenge too great; and that nothing in life is worth doing unless you're willing to give it everything you've got. That's my approach as a Friend, a Wife, a Mother, a Neighbor, and as a Realtor.

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