Seema Thaker

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Seema Thaker and @properties proudly share a love of service and partnering where relationships are a core value. 

Born in India, Seema immigrated to the United States when she was seven years old residing in the Northwest suburbs. She spent her entire career as a dedicated, award-winning social worker for 30 years.  Twenty-seven of these years were within Palatine School District 15. However, she always felt a calling to real estate. 

Seema truly cares. Being an active listener, she prioritizes the needs and wants of others. What made her a successful social worker are the same traits that make her your ideal real estate agent. She understands buying or selling a new home is an emotional experience that involves feeling with your heart and thinking with your mind. Seema meets her clients wherever they may be in their home buying or selling process. Rooted in ethics and integrity, Seema guides and assists you long after the boxes are unpacked. 

Seema spends her free-time finding simple joys in everyday life. She loves traveling, gardening, connecting with family and friends, movies and settling in with a good book. Her knowledge of the local real estate market, combined with her passion for people, planning and processes, make her an ideal partner for your real estate needs.

Contact her today, she would be honored to serve you. 

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