Karolee Smietanski

Karolee Smietanski Photo

Karolee has extensive years of experience in the airline and hotel industries dealing with the public in varied situations. That work history combined with a creative art background has allowed for her success in real estate.


Due to her husband's early military career as a pilot, Karolee has made numerous moves across the country over the years. Through many of her travel adventures she developed that extra passion and appreciation for her client's and their search for the perfect "home". 


Everyone who meets Karolee will quickly agree she has a special ability to relate to people through her professionalism, respect, and humor. She is a refreshing asset to work with in the challenging world of real estate by truly understanding the emotional component that can accompany the transaction process.


Karolee has lived in the Southwest suburbs for over 25 years and is happy to call Frankfort, IL home.