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More than 20 years of owning and investing in real estate in the Chicago area has given Alan an edge when it comes to knowledge of the market. He has 15 years of experience as a bank director, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the lending and financing of commercial and residential real estate.


“This agent puts his client first!! He is thorough, prompt, an excellent listener, and he has a very pleasant demeanor. His patience and thoroughness are exemplary. We have seen numerous apartments with him, and although at times we have been very 'nit picky,' he never loses his cool and always comforts us stating, 'Don't worry. You'll find something.'


We recommend this agent. He will truly work for you!!!” E. Reicin, Chicago, IL


Alan brings a unique ability to make obtaining a loan an easy process for buyers. Whether he is helping buyers find their dream home or helping sellers maximize their return, Alan is committed to loyal and dedicated service to each and every client.


“Alan is a great realtor. We approached Alan with the vague idea that we were considering to purchase a bigger home to take advantage of the low housing prices, but with no further defined budget or ideas of what we exactly want. Alan spent a lot of time vetting and showing us a variety of properties -- condos, townhouses, and even single families, at various price levels and locations, to help us gradually form opinions of what we really wanted. Not until the end of the house hunting process, it was not clear even to ourselves if we would actually buy anything, but Alan patiently kept showing us places to help us understand what we really want.

Alan is extremely familiar with the properties in and near downtown Chicago. In each neighborhood, he can always tell us the great restaurants, shops, and landmark properties. I also find it impressive that he can often glance at a random house and estimate the value quite accurately. Alan is a great realtor who has done an excellent job finding us the right house.”Zyzhu, Chicago, IL