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Overall 5 star rating out of 27 reviews

"I met Andy at an open house several summers ago, and even though I had told him we wouldn't be ready to buy for a while, he put me on his mailing list so we could scope out the market. Once we were actively looking at properties Andy was so helpful and his knowledge made me feel confident in my choice of home and agent as a first time home buyer. Andy is the best!"

"Andy was most professional -- very competent and always ready to assist us who have never not purchased a home before. We plan to use him when we are able to free up and sell our current home of 47 years."

"Andy is the real deal, and the only person you should be talking to when buying or selling a home! Andy helped my wife and I buy our dream condo in a really awesome neighborhood of Chicago. The process, end to end, couldn't have gone better or more smoothly. Not only is Andy an amazing broker, he's also a great guy, and it's a pleasure to work with him. If you're in the market to buy or sell, don't wait another minute to give Andy a ring!!!"

"Andy is amazing to work with. He was really good about advising us and explaining every step of the process. It is an overwhelming amount of information, but working with Andy made it feel really manageable. We felt supported from the moment we started working with him, through our close, and feel confident that he'll continue to support us. I 100% recommend working with Andy! He's the best!"

"Andy geniunely cares about making your home buying and selling experiences go as well as possible."

"Andy was professional, persistent and personable during the sale of our unique unit. We are glad we stuck with Andy and made it to a smooth closing."

"Professional, Patient, Helpful, and Dedicated. Andy Tsoukalis from @Properties took care of my every need, and made sure I was comfortable and satisfied. Andy went the extra miles to help me complete the move. Absolute Perfection. Andy Is The Man!"

"Andy has really been amazing through the entire process of purchasing my home - I met Andy when I decided to go to an Open House on a whim and knew I needed to have him as my agent - he was so warm and personable and has become a great friend through this process. Andy patiently walked me through any questions I had at each place we visited (and we visited quite a few!!). He knew I was on a time crunch but NEVER let me settle on just any place. When I was incessantly worried about finding a place in the little time I had, he was reassuring and kept me calm as ever. Found my dream home and Andy is still very much present, helping me navigate the ins and outs of home ownership and holding my hand through each concern. So glad I found him and will not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends."

"Andy was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole experience! As a first time buyer, his insight was invaluable to searching for a closing on my home. He was readily available whenever I wanted to arrange a last minute showing or had any questions at all and he helped broker a smooth transaction. I will be recommending him to all of my friends looking to buy."

"Andy was great! As a first time home buyer, he totally walked me through the process, patiently answering LOTS of questions. He was readily available to see places, was willing to be honest if it didn't seem like the right fit, and was an easy and frequent communicator. Plus, he caught things I did not, which saved me money. And now, I am really liking my new home!"

"Easy to work with, took care of everything - couldn't have been a simpler and more pleasant experience."

"Andy was outstanding from the moment we met him, all the way to closing on a great house! He was friendly, informative and always willing to go the extra mile for us. He was quick to answer texts and emails at all hours, put us in touch with great resources and always made sure we were taken care of. I would, without any reservation, recommend Andy to anyone. He is a fantastic agent!"

"Excellent experience purchasing a home with the help of Andy. It was a pleasure, many thanks."

"Andy was absolutely fantastic...from beginning to end! He was enthusiastic about our listing, giving solid advice regarding pricing expectations and best practices for showing. He wrote a lovely description of the property (nothing boiler plate) and got it on the market super fast. From the showing process, to getting us under contract, to completing the sale...he went above and beyond to make sure we were successful. It wasn't exactly a straightforward sale, and he really worked very hard to bring it to a close. In the end we ended higher than we expected. He's easy to work with, charming and easy going. We wholeheartedly recommend him as a top-notch realtor."

"Andy was great; he provided sage advice as well as respected wishes and concerns we had. He also went the extra mile with our buyer, who was acting without a realtor of their own."

"Andy was fantastic from start to finish! He was very patient and understanding while I looked for an apartment long distance without a solid idea of what I wanted. His communication and follow up was always prompt, and I am very grateful for his help in finding my Chicago apartment!"

"Andy was great. Very knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating."

"Andy was great to work with. He was very knowledgeable and guided me through every step along the way. I would definitely work with him again and be happy to refer friends as well."

"My experience with Andy could not have been better. He was responsive 24/7 and, most importantly for me, everyone he recommended - inspector, title company, broker etc was fantastic to work with. He provided what I needed most - trustworthy judgment every step of the way."

"Andy was very helpful and proactive in the sales process. He held my hand through all my worries, and I worry about any little thing, once we were under contract and kept me apprised of everything going on. I am undergoing chemotherapy and Andy was very considerate of my needs throughout the entire process. Sale went through smooth as silk."

"Andy was in every way helpful and professional. Working with him was an excellent experience."

"Andy is the partner you need to work through inevitable struggles of real estate. From the start, we appreciated that Andy was willing to weigh in on many questions (even through close) that we found other realtors in the North Shore area would in the area would handle in an infuriatingly circumspect way. Our transaction encountered a lot of barriers, but we felt that Andy was working for us the entire time and not just sitting around waiting to collect a commission or re-list. He really worked to ensure that we got the best out of the time we spent on the market.If you need someone who is on your team and not just your employ, Andy is your man."

"Andy helped us list quickly and at a price that we felt comfortable with. During the entire process, he always had our back. Despite feeling like our attorneys didn't care/weren't on top of our home sale, I felt confident that we were getting the best deal and making good decisions because of Andy's willingness to pick up the slack and consistently follow-up on our behalf. I would highly recommend him for selling your home!"

"Andy was amazing! He was so insightful, knowledgeable, helpful and patient. I have a hard time making decisions and he helped me patiently all along the way. He was also willing to show me a property's my times after it was mine just so I could see it again, and again. He also set me up with potential contractors for my condo.Andy was so personable and nice and it was fun seeing different places with him because he made sure it wasn't stressful. Andy is the best and I hope to work with him again, but not soon since he found me a place I love!"

"We met Andy at an open house and from that very first meeting he embodied professionalism and respect, but also fun. We felt comfortable discussing our budget, asking him for advice (which happened frequently given we were first time buyers!), and he always kept in mind who we are and what we were looking for in our new place. From the first meeting to well after our closing, Andy was excellent and we couldn't recommend him enough."

"Andy did a wonderful job with helping us sell our house and then finding us our new home. He walked us through every step and made sure we had our house ready to sell. He made the selling process easy. He patiently showed us numerous houses and helped guide us through the process until we found the perfect new home. He was always available and easy to get a hold of for any questions that popped up. Selling and moving can be a stressful experience, but Andy made the whole process go smoothly for us! He was comfortable to work with, flexible, and knowledgeable about all the various people we had to deal with. We highly recommend him!"

"Andy was the best broker we could have asked for. From the beginning of our condo search, Andy was great at keeping in touch and communicating in a way that kept us on track, but did not pressure us into anything. Andy listened carefully to what we were looking for and reminded us of these things throughout the search so that we could end up with exactly what we wanted. Andy was always available and willing to accommodate our difficulty schedules. Andy knew the intricacies of the entire process from search to close and helped reassure us throughout. He helped us find a great mortgage broker and real estate attorney and then kept in close contact with them which helped us stay on track. This was our first time buying property and was way EASIER than we expected it to be, thanks to Andy. We'd recommend him to anyone!"