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I have been helping people to find their dream home for many years. I started working in the family business at the age of 27, in 1987.  After growing up in a real estate family, where we stained shutters for the apartments on a Saturday afternoon, or did landscaping for buildings owned and rented, I saw from an early age, the value of investing in residential property. It gives people a sense of pride to own their home, and this was something that I learned was a very big part of living the American Dream. By helping people seek and then find their dream property, I have come to realize that I am playing an important part in their lives, as their trusted advisor. I always strive to give them valuable insights that I have acquired through my experience over many years. I look forward to helping you in this same way, with my honesty, and insights. I will show you all the different ways of viewing property and present many options, so that you can decide which one fits you best. The decision is always yours, and I will be there to guide you on your journey.

Please read my many testamonials.  They speak louder than I can in their own experiences in working with me.  And know, that my heart and soul are in helping people make savvy investment decisions in real estate, while enjoying the process of living in their investment.  





Clients are saying:

"I highly recommend Blair Lele as a top notch real estate agent. As an agent, Blair has a unique combination of assets: honesty, integrity and experience. Working with her, I always felt she had my best interests at heart, both in selling and also helping me to purchase a new home for my family. Since I am in a lot of real estate work as a practicing Architect, I know how important it is to understand the market. When I needed it, Blair provided me with a thorough market analysis so that I was well informed about my decisions. To those of you who decide to hire Blair, you are in good hands!
Ray Hartshorne, Partner, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture."