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I was raised in LIncoln Park in the 60's and have watched the transformation of Chicago from a midwest manufacturing hub in the prairie, to become a bustling diversified and international centrally located thriving metropolis.  Given my background, I have acquired an insight into what creates value in investments as well as real estate.  I have helped my clients while selling securities create wealth slowly over time by showing them that a diversified portfolio in value, growth and income stocks create wealth.  And then upon shifting to development work in the late 80's, I learned that value in real estate is created by location, undervalued land that has potential for growth and development, and good architecture and construction.  The development that I worked on was an interesting project.  My father acquired vacant land by purchasing tax liens at Cook County for the property located at Willow, Bissell, and Fremont Streets.  It took about 3 years to acquire all of the land titles.  Then, he hired Pappageorge and Haymes to design a PUD or planned urban development.  The pre-selling started in 1987, timing it exactly when I decided to leave Northern Trust Brokerage.


In 1990, we had a $10,000,000   sellout of 67 units including single family homes and a myriad of townhome designs and sizes.  Clybourn was a trash bin at the time with lots selling for $5,000.00 and no real development other than the Clybourn lofts and 1800 Clybourn was under renovation from a warehouse into a retail development.  Today, a thriving new neighborhood has developed out of the belief that something more than vacant abandoned land in the 50's could be built out of a dream!  I have learned the power of dreaming, vision and utilizing sound reasoning to help people achieve what is possible.


I also worked on Tamerlane development on Greenview with a team of agents to sell out another larege scale development over another 3 year period.  These developments have both changed neighborhoods and brought life back to areas that were previously a blight.


I have watched my father developed and bring to life many areas of the city: South Loop at Federal Square, in the 90's, River North in the 70's, and West Loop in the 80's through 2007 with Block X, Block Y, 618 Fulton Place, and more.  Opportunity to invest in real estate is a dream that everyone can have and I look forward to helping people achieve their dreams through making sound long term investments.  Chicago is thriving in so many ways and offers great opportunity in all of our great and diverse neighborhoods.  Please read my testamonials of clients that I have helped and then decide if I could be the right broker for you.

Clients are saying:

"“I was fortunate enough to have Blair as my landlord and real estate agent. Blair was a very accommodating landlord. If there was ever an issue, it was easy and quick to reach her and have the problem fixed. Blair wants her tenants to have the best experience living in her apartment, and it was very easy to connect with her if we needed anything. When I had to move out of her 3rd floor apartment, my positive working relationship with her led me to choose her as my real estate broker. Blair’s extensive knowledge of Chicago and the surrounding area, along with her real estate expertise was the perfect combination. She matched all of my roommate and mine’s needs in order to find us the perfect apartment. Blair is organized, professional, and detail oriented. Walking through the apartments, Blair would ask the agent showing the apartment thoughtful and important questions which was extremely helpful as I am not as familiar with renting/buying property. Blair’s work ethic and real estate acumen will make you happy you worked with her. “"