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Bryan K. Woodard has over 20 years experience as an award winning Chicago designer, and brings his voracious passion for real estate, along with 15 years as a successful real estate investor to @properties, proudly joining Beth Wexner and Team.


Bryan is a world traveller that has lived in many locales, but has called Chicago home for over 25 years.  He has extensive knowledge of many Chicago neighborhoods, with an emphasis on the north side.  Currently he lives in Albany Park, where he loves spending time with his partner of 14 years and their dog Gnocchi. 


As a designer, Bryan delighted countless tourists and Chicagoans alike with his unique and innovative window displays for Chicago's premier retailers.  He soon went from window displays to interior design, serving as the contractor and designer for all his real estate investments.  Bryan is a connoisseur of materials, finishes, and fixtures, and his design talents have been utilized by local restaurants, retailers, and other Chicago businesses.


As an investor, Bryan scours the market, and digs deep to ascertain as much information about the property as possible, investigating beyond the internet, and using all this information to not only find the most advantageous opportunity, but also to create the best climate for negotiation.  Bryan's clients always marvel at his attentive dedication and his extreme level of quality customer service.


"My success is a direct result of my deep understanding of the market that can only be acquired through dedicated, precise research.  As a broker I can now use the same tools and savvy, combined with an elevated level of service, to help my clients find the perfect property.

Clients are saying:

"I would recommend Bryan every day of the week and twice on Sundays. He went above and beyond and his honesty and opinion were always invaluable."