Catherine Arslanian

Catherine Arslanian


About Me

Born and raised in downtown Chicago, selling real estate in the best city in America is a natural fit.


With several years as a small business owner and encouragement from a family of real estate brokers, I made an industry leap and got my real estate license in 2009.


I offer my client's years of experience and am proud to guarantee qualities that include integrity, commitment, passion and fun.


My mission is to meet the needs and goals of clients and offer seamless assistance in every aspect of the purchase or sale of a home.

Clients are saying:

"Cathy is sensational. She always has the big-picture view that encompasses every possible detail. Her network is extensive; she knows everyone and everyone knows and loves her. Cathy makes things happen that you didn't know you needed or wanted, and volia! - everything is taken care of. And she's a lovely person - trustworthy and kind."