Chad Duda

Chad Duda



Overall 5 star rating out of 1 reviews

"Chad has done a great job representing me in the purchase and sale of several homes. Smart and hardworking. Thoroughly knowledge of the local market. Great negotiating skills. Excellent results and a pleasure to deal with."

"I would highly recommend Chad. I spoke to him a few times and told him the location, amenities and price range I was looking for in a condo. I scheduled a visit from Tampa to Chicago for a weekend to view his selections. I saw 5 great properties and bought one. Chad definitely understood the market and price point. He did not push me one way or the other. The properties he selected all had a little different style, but within the area I desired from the start. In the end, it was easy for me to make an intelligent selection/purchase even being from out-of-town.Give Chad Duda a shot to earn your business. You will be glad you did!"

"Chad helped me buy my two properties, accompanying me from finding a place, through finalizing a mortgage and signing the lease. Chad has tremendous experience, a great network of contacts and the ability to find a great deal. I felt he really respected my time and understood what I wanted. I would highly recommend Chad to anyone looking for a home, or an investment property in Chicago."

"During our first meeting with Chad he spent about an hour simply talking to us about the process of buying step by step. Being first time buyers this was immensely helpful just to get the lay of the land. It only took us a couple of trips out with him to find the place that we wound up buying. He walked us through each step from putting in an offer all the way through closing. There were a few hiccups along the way with various things, and he did a great job with communicating with us, our lender, our lawyer, and the sellers, and he kept us in the loop the whole time. A few things that were really nice throughout the process: he worked quickly and didn't have us linger in homes that he could tell we weren't interested in. It's also apparent that he knows this city extremely well. He was extremely thorough through the whole process-again very helpful since we haven't been through it before. It also consistently felt like he was genuinely invested in us and helping us find the right place. In keeping with the quality of his services throughout, he also sent us a gift basket as a housewarming present. We would absolutely recommend Chad to anyone looking for a realtor to help them buy."

"I had the pleasure of working with Chad on both the buy and the sell side, and I highly recommend him for a number of reasons. First of all, when looking to buy, he took the time to understand and probe what was truly important to me. This helped not only me better understand what identify what I wanted, but it helped our search go very efficiently. Second, he was direct and realistic in the negotiation process. I appreciated his candor and transparency when it came to the negotiation - he also was dead on when it came to what I could negotiate and what I couldn't. Also, on the sell side, he was right to advise me on taking an offer that came in slightly below asking. The market in Chicago continued to slide after that, and had I waited would have lost a ton of money. Third, he has a designer eye and vision for what a space could become. He helped me imagine what the condo I purchased could be with a remodel and interior design. Not only that, but he connected me with AMAZING contractors to do the work as well as an interior designer to pick out furniture. Last, Chad is intelligent and has a heart. Not to generalize, but there are some real estate agents out there who aren't smart and aren't sincere- Chad is smart and savvy when it comes to real estate and he cares about his work and clients."

"Chad Duda is incredibly knowledgable about the ever-changing local and national real estate market. He is very responsive, and it is common for me to receive helpful emails and answers to questions late and night and early in the morning, which has made me wonder when he ever sleeps. He has helped me with a number of homes that I have both bought and sold, and he has even often assisted with renovation decisions, many of which have certainly resulted in a better end product. I remember on one project when he even helped me with the back-breaking job of bringing heavy drywall sheets into a house when it started to rain and I was in a jam.Finally I will just add that one of Chad Duda's best traits is his great sense of style, which is especially useful as we complete the home's finishes and stage it for prospective buyers. I listen to Chad, and act on his suggestions. Every home we have sold has received an offer within the first three weeks."

"I can't say enough great things about Chad, but here are a few of them: he is extremely professional and knowledgeable, he's incredibly easy to work with, he does a fantastic job and on top of it all, he's just a great guy who makes the experience as low-stress as possible. Our experience could not have been more positive - and he sold our house in 3 weeks. I highly recommend him!"

"Chad is a knowledgeable broker who is familiar with the market and its trends. Chad had given us good feedback to what needed to be done to expedite the sale of our home, which happened in a time frame that Chad had predicted. I would highly recommend Chad to other interested home buyers and sellers as he is a very professional broker. We look forward to working with Chad in the future."