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Welcome to Evanston Real Estate

Welcome to Evanston Real Estate

Evanston was founded nearly 140 years ago in 1851, the same year that Northwestern University first opened its doors. Named after the university President, Dr. John Evans, the city and the college have progressed together ever since. The university impacts the community both socially and economically. The student population and faculty stimulate the local economy and university activities, such as music and drama department productions, enrich the city culturally. Evanston real estate is a mix of large older homes and younger more modest homes, with a sprinkling of condos here and there. For shopping, Evanston offers over 200 shops scattered throughout the community.

Evanston Community Profile

Population: 73,233
Average Home Price: $594,247
Median Home Price: $525,000
Median Family Income: $41,115

Evanston Schools

Evanston Township H.S. District 202
Phone: (847) 492-3800
Enrollment: 2,703
Expense Per Pupil: $13,405 (1995)
College Bound: 72%

Elementary School District 65
Phone: (847) 492-5986
Enrollment: 6,854
Expense Per Pupil: $8,000 (1996-97)
Average Class Size: 23

Additional Educational Opportunities
Faith Christian Academy: (847) 328-3808
Montessori School: (847) 864-2190
Pope John: (847) 475-5678
Roycemore: (847) 866-6055
St. Athanasius: (847) 475-5145.