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Dan Eirinberg-Kawabata

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            Dan joined @properties in December 2012, bringing ten years of prior real estate experience to bear from day one. His real estate knowledge extends beyond sales to include construction and development, giving him a keen eye for quality workmanship as well as making him an expert on site selection for development projects.


            Dan is outgoing, building friendships, not just working relationships, with the individuals that he assists, as well as his colleagues in the sales, development, and construction fields. A Chicago resident for 2 decades, he has an intimate understanding of the Chicago real estate market.


            Living in Logan Square, Dan can often be found playing with his wife and 2 sons at the park. His other hobbies include playing his guitar, hiking, traveling, cooking (, and scuba diving (has held a divemaster license since 2000).


            Dan is a senior member of the Mike Vesole Group. The Mike Vesole Group is a highly skilled and passionate group of 15 brokers who share the same dedication and ambition that Mike does. The teams sales volumes have increased every year while market sales times have decreased. Team Volume has surpassed 250 Million. We look forward to welcoming all clients new and old to enjoy the Mike Vesole Group Experience.  

Clients are saying:

"Dan Kawabata is the best broker we've dealt with in all of our past real estate experiences. His professionalism and knowledge surfaced throughout the sale of our property, from start to finish. He was confident, upbeat, supportive, ALWAYS available, 24/7, via phone, text, email, or in person. His support, advice, and suggestions were tremendously appreciated. He went above and beyond what was expected of him. What should have been an uncomplicated sales transaction turned out to be just the opposite. Dan was there for us, holding our hands, calming us down, guiding and assuring us that what was taking place was not abnormal - just a roadblock to be circumvented."