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Overall 4.8 star rating out of 13 reviews

"Danny and his team were outstanding with every aspect of the home buying process. We were moving fast in our decision and Danny and his @properties crew were there for us each step of the way. We were new to Chicago and new to the real estate process in Illinois. Danny was quick to educate and guide us through each step. He recommended and coordinated attorney, home insurance, inspection, and loan representation without flaw. All parties worked efficiently to streamline the home buying process. We even requested and received recommendations for a handful of maintenance projects that are now underway. We could not have found a better agent to quarterback our home buying experience. Danny hit the mark in all areas and was a outstanding throughout the entire process. We recommend Danny Glick to all Chicagoland home buyers looking for a first class home buying experience.-Craig G., Lakeview"

"Danny and his team were extremely helpful throughout the long and complicated process of home buying. His expertise in negotiating helped secure me my condo and his team was always available to answer any of my questions.- Mona V., Noble Square"

"Danny did a wonderful job of bringing new energy to our once stale listing. He and his team were able to create renewed excitement, urgency and momentum that brought us multiple offers within 2 weeks of taking over our listing that sat on the market for several months prior. I would highly recommend Danny and his marketing expertise to anyone looking to move a property quickly.- Martin V.W., North Center"

"I have worked with Danny Glick on several transactions and do not hesitate to highly recommend him. He is very thorough in his market research, house "staging", and is committed to doing everything he can to get a sale. He is also great at setting realistic yet reasonably aggressive pricing expectations. He's great on both a personal and a business level and I would not even think of hiring another real estate broker to help me buy or sell a property in the Chicago area.- Steven G., Lakeview"

"Danny was hands on right from the start. He knows his job perfectly and has a great eye to notice things/details about potential houses that we wouldn't have seen right away/at all. Plus, he is a highly skilled negotiator. I would recommend him to anyone and if I need to use a real estate agent in the future I would go to him in a heartbeat. Thank you again Danny!- Benjamin O., Glen Ellyn"

"Danny took over our single-family listing after significant time on the market with another broker. Literally within 2 weeks of getting re-staged and positioned in the market we had 2 offers on the property. A family member surprisingly asked me, "You went how many months without an offer and within 2 weeks of re-listing had 2 offers???" Greatly appreciated Danny's ability to quickly position the property to get solid offers and a quick successful closing! I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell in the area.-Nathan M., Horner Park"

"Danny helped sell my fourth property and was head and shoulders above the other agents I’ve used. Danny’s knowledge of local sales and his use of technology both contributed to a quick sale at an excellent price in an otherwise soft spot in the market. Most of all, I appreciated his responsiveness. Danny is a busy agent but always found time to personally attend all showings and kept us fully informed throughout the process. If I had another property to sell in Chicago, Danny would get the listing.- Sanja B., River North"

"Danny Glick has sold and purchased multiple homes for my wife and I. To anybody looking for a realtor partner with extensive market knowledge, expertise in construction quality, and an extremely positive attitude, Danny Glick comes with my absolute highest recommendation. He is a pleasure to work with and ultimately produces great results.-Brad A., Roscoe Village"

"Our service with Danny was flawless. In working with him, I felt that I became significantly educated about the real estate market as opposed to just being shown homes. By the time we were through selling and purchasing our properties, I felt extremely knowledgeable and this is something that other sellers/buyers don’t necessarily feel when working with a broker. I also trusted Danny tremendously. In regards to the purchase of our home, there were certainly opportunities for Danny to just “get the sale” done quickly when my husband and I were interested in properties. However, Danny took the time to explain the positives and negatives of each property in a way that certainly elongated the process for him. He even went so far as to take us to certain properties solely to show us positives/negatives of homes/neighborhoods, etc. The extra time that he took to do this is something that not all brokers do. In the overall purchase of our home, Danny was adamant about getting us everything that we wanted in our contract, and he succeeded. In comparing our experience with Danny to the experiences of our friends with other agents, I genuinely can’t imagine working with anyone else.- Laurie A., Roscoe Village"

"We could not have been happier with Danny helping us find our dream home. We had been casually looking around the Lincoln Park and Lakeview area when we met him. After going to one of his open houses for the second time, he quickly recognized us and did not hesitate to show us around and figure out what we were looking for, which was pretty specific. He introduced us to a phenomenal builder who who was about 60-70% complete on a property that had everything we wanted and were still able to customize. Danny was amazing throughout the whole process. He’s very knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, honest. His knowledge of real estate, new construction, and quality builders is top notch. Highly recommended!-Hayley M., Lakeview"

"Incredible real estate agent! Went above and beyond to get us the perfect house and the best deal on it. Danny is dedicated, qualified and a pleasure to work with. He is so knowledgeable and an excellent negotiator. He made the experience of purchasing our home absolutely wonderful from beginning to end.-Benjamin and Elizabeth O., Glen Ellyn"

"Danny was outstanding and has to be one of the most knowledgeable, hard working, honest realtors in the city. He sold our old home within days for a full price at a time when there were plenty of similar units on the market and subsequently helped us close on the home we love. His command of both fair market values and the qualitative attributes of each neighborhood we considered was impressive. He's a smart negotiator and a rational sounding board. We truly had a great experience working with Danny!- Nicholas H., Lakeview"

"I couldn't recommend Danny enough. Danny took over a listing for me that was seeing stagnant traffic and was priced incorrectly, both in a highly competitive market. From day one Danny and his team worked fast, efficiently and professionally to breath new life into the listing. From pricing to staging, Danny utilized his years of experience to make this house stand out in an area that is flush with new construction SFH's. As an expert in selling luxury properties, Danny was able to hone in on the right price and communicated his intent throughout the sales process with candor and expertise. After accepting an offer Danny and his team member Michael handled everything and got us to closing without any issues. I would work with Danny again without hesitation. Eric F., Lakeview"

"Danny made this seemingly massive monumental task of selling our house look and feel effortless. I was unbelievably anxious We had completely grown out of our place and frankly I did not want to live there another day. I was terrified everyone else would feel the same way. Danny was awesome   he took the bull by the horn and was very gently frank. It needed a makeover He was honest with what needed to happen and then took charge. Working closely with our own GC he brought in his team of interior designers to select floor stain color, paint color, trim color, lighting and let the stagers do the rest. I was extremely stressed, freaking out actually, about not liking the colors of the floors and walls. Danny so calmly and lovingly said, "Dont worry, weve got it under control. As a matter of fact, I think you should come back when its on the market. Every muscle in my body relaxed and from that moment on I was completely chilled about the entire process. He did such a fabulous job at getting it ready to go on the market we almost did not want to sell it!!! From then on he was responsive and kept me CALM through out the entire process keeping us in the loop and up to date with every potential interested party. Danny always answered the phone, called back or texted with in an hour letting us know what was going on. It was so comforting to never have to worry about when or if I was going to talk to him! He instilled confidence in me from beginning to end. And wow, what a brilliant negotiator his poise and grace in helping us with the way of the market he didnt just give numbers he explained the psychology behind how to go about pricing and what price we should accept in the end - we trusted him implicitly. While I hope we won't have to sell our current house for a very long time, I know who we will call if we do.-Jody and Ron D., Lakeview"

"I highly recommend Danny Glick and his team to anyone selling a home in Chicago. I had a unique condominium in River North that I wanted to sell after major renovations, but knew it would be challenging as the unit had no clear comparable sales. Danny leveraged his knowledge about the market  and proposed a clear, fact-based approach to pricing the unit + a comprehensive marketing approach. The time we spent preparing to sell the condo as a team paid off. We had showings almost every day and the unit was under contract for a great price in less than 20 days absolutely outstanding! Danny and his team continued to help me through negotiation and closing, so I always felt like I had a fantastic team in my corner helping me every step of the way. Thanks, Danny + team!- Isabelle B., River North"

"For over three years, Danny Glick has helped me with my Lincoln Park rental property. I'm still dazzled at how easy he makes finding, vetting, and securing renters. He knows all aspects of the rental process, often anticipating important questions that make the experience easier. In fact, this last cycle he did everything necessary to obtain a new renter so that not even one day lapsed where my property was unoccupied. I couldn't believe he made it happen but he did. And his staff is second to none. They kept me advised of every step of the process, even calling me at night and on weekends where necessary to get our deals done. It's with 100% confidence that I recommend Danny to anyone needing a realtor- Daniel K., Lincoln Park"

"I used Wendy Berg on this transaction who also represented me along with Danny Glick on the purchase of my current home and former home sale in October 2014. Both agents were extremely helpful and offered good advice. I felt confident in their abilities throughout and would recommend them to friends. Everything went very smoothly.- Leigh-Ann K., West De Paul"

"When trying to rent my property, I met with over a dozen agents. I remembered Danny because he was professional and pleasant. You would think these qualities were universal but, sadly, not true.- Robert S., Lakeview"

"We would recommend Danny to anyone! Our condominium seemed like a simple sale however the buyers were nothing but difficult. Danny and team were able to navigate through the process seamlessly and reacted quickly to address any issues. Danny is a true professional and someone you can trust and rely upon.- Lisa R., River North"

"Danny was great to work with. He really understands luxury real estate and market values. He is super responsive and was always available for us. He made the process easy and was excellent negotiating the price. I would recommend Danny to everybody!"

"I have known Danny for about 15 years and when it came ready for me to sell my place and buy a new place I knew just who to call. It was Danny and I couldn't have been happier and more pleased that I contacted him. Danny is a wonderful agent. He is very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile. I knew I could count on him 100%. He made a suggestion on how to improve my condo I was selling and once we made the change I got contract signed within 2 days! I would use Danny again and surely would suggest him to anyone else.-Michelle K., River North"

"Danny's professionalism, amiable nature, knowledge and expertise in real estate made the process of selling our home and buying a new one a seamless experience. His "exit strategy" philosophy in buying a home tampered a few impetuous, imprudent decisions for homes that could prove costly in the long run. His expertise and candor help to winnow worthy contenders from the mere "window-dressing" ones.We would recommend Danny to any of our friends and family for all their buying and selling needs. His personality coupled with his knowledge and professionalism clearly set him apart from others in the industry.- Sean-Adam L. and Jeffrey Z., Lakeview"

"Danny has high integrity, exceptional communication skills, high attention to detail, and he is always available. Danny becomes family, he insures that you have no worries, and focuses on the client at all times.- Sam K."

"Danny is extremely fair and honest. As a builder, I have seen Danny immerse himself in the information that is of particular importance to me. He has learned the zoning issues that are critical to my success and understands how they impact me.- Walter B."

"Besides having the clients best interest at heart, and being very patient, Danny is a great listener. He would remind me of my likes and dislikes from previous showings. Danny truly cares about his clients and strives to find the perfect home for them. He went above and beyond for me.- Julie G."

"Danny gets to know the clients, not just the real estate transaction. He truly has the clients best interest at mind.- Justin C."

"Danny gives truly personal attention. I felt like he was my best friend from high school-he even helped me paint my condo. He helped me get it ready to sell and showed me 60 units before I found the right one amazing!- Art M."

"Danny is blessed with tremendous energy and charisma. His warmth and honesty are great assets which help him bring even the trickiest or tense transactions to closing.- Jon S."

"Danny was extremely hardworking and dedicated to my home search. His outstanding market knowledge enabled him to negotiate a great deal for my dream home I couldnt have done it without him.- Tamara W."

"I want to move so that we can work with Danny again-hes great!- Danielle G."

"I have known Danny for many years and most recently he sold my condo in Bucktown and got me into an amazing home in Logan Square. He really went the extra mile for me particularly in my condo sale where he helped me prepare the place for market by evaluating many things we could do, paint, staging, etc. After he was done, the place looked great and he was able to sell it in a little more then a week in a very challenging market. I had neighbors in the same building trying to sell before and after mine whos condos languished on the market for many months and eventually sold at a much lower price per square foot then mine. As you know, Danny is a very hard working guy and takes his work very seriously, but is also a pleasure to deal with. To him, no detail is too small to address if it makes you happy and will assist in the sale. He even helped me build a shelving unit in my closet because he said it would be a huge improvement! I have to say, I wish I had done that years earlier because it looked great. But in the end, I went with who I believed would sell my place the quickest and at the best price. Obviously for me that turned out to be the right choice.-Rick A., Lakeview/Bucktown"

"Our service with Danny was flawless. In working with him, I felt that I became significantly educated about the real estate market as opposed to just being shown homes. By the time we were through selling and purchasing our properties, I felt extremely knowledgeable and this is something that other sellers/buyers dont necessarily feel when working with a broker. I also trusted Danny tremendously. In regards to the purchase of our home, there were certainly opportunities for Danny to just get the sale done quickly when my husband and I were interested in properties. However, Danny took the time to explain the positives and negatives of each property in a way that certainly elongated the process for him. He even went so far sas to take us to certain properties solely to show us positives/negatives of homes/neighborhoods, etc. The extra time that he took to do this is something that not all brokers do. In the overall purchase of our home, Danny was adamant about getting us everything that we wanted in our contract, and he succeeded. In comparing our experience with Danny to the experiences of our friends with other agents, I genuinely cant imagine working with anyone else.- Laurie A., Roscoe Village/West Town"

"I have done 3 transactions with Danny and he is fantastic! He is a great listener, extremely knowledgeable, has a great eye for detail and is great fun to work with.- Sharon B., Goose Island"

"Danny has been my real estate broker on both the selling and buying end multiple times. I have referred Danny to all my friends, colleagues and neighbors because I simply think he is the best broker out there. Like you, I had many good friends in the field and while a hard decision, it was always the right decision for me choosing Danny. Buying and selling of a house requires so much expertise and knowhow and Danny is the expert, he understands what makes a house sell and how to market it so that you and your assets are represented well. When we sold our home on the 2000 block of Seminary, Danny managed the property, the negotiatons and even making important suggestions to make the house look just perfect. Danny is always reasonable, personable and in touch with what is important to you, he puts his clients first and is easy to reach and work with. It is without hesitation I would recommend Danny to represent you on the sale of your home.- Laura L., Lakeview"

"I have known Danny for about a year and a half. My wife and I contacted Danny about our real estate needs. Danny got back to us right away. We had a meet and greet, so he could get a feel on what we were looking for. Danny spent several days taking us around Chicago and surrounding suburbs. After looking at around 25 properties we decided it wasnt time for us to buy a home. Danny was so understanding. After a little over a year later we decided that the time was now to buy a new home. Danny got back to work, we found our dream home within days. He has also just sold our condo and worked his ass off to do so. I have worked with other real estate agents and looking back they dont come close to Dannys knowledge and work ethic. My wife and I really felt like Danny would have done anything to help us. We now consider Danny a friend. Since working with him I have asked other people about their realtor experiences and no one seems to have had as good of an experience as we did. Turns out that a lot of other people have heard good things about Danny. He si very well known in the real estate community. The best way for me to give you his recommendation is that my best friend is a real estate agent and I still chose to use Danny. I promise you that if you choose him you will not be disappointed.- Jared S., Buyer/Seller, Lakeview/Bucktown"

"In this case, you have one of the best agents in the city as an option. Danny is tenacious, creative, and diligent.- David H., Lakeview"

"Danny Glick and his team did a great job for the entire process of selling our home. Starting with a comprehensive and realistic assessment of its market value, and following through with all the details required to complete a fast closing. Thanks a lot!- Michael H."

"Stephanie Poulos was a pleasure to work with. From the beginning stages of looking at prospective condos to the ending stages of the closing documents, Stephanie helped tremendously throughout the process. My fiance and I were always informed and always made aware of what was the next step in the process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stephanie to anyone, and I already have!- Christian D."

"Our house was not an easy one to sell but that did not deter Danny Glick. He consistently gave it his full attention. We were impressed with his creativity and know-how--when one thing wasn't working, he created and explored other options. In the end, we would not have changed a thing because no one was as devoted to the sale of our house as Danny. We are grateful for his dedication, hard work, professionalism and of course, positive outlook. Thank you Danny! We will miss you!- Deb and Elliot C., Lakeview"

"Danny was incredible responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. He listened to our needs and helped us find as close to what we were looking for as possible. He even thought of things to request in the lease, etc. that we had not thought of. I would definitely recommend him to a friend in need of a broker.-Amy L.,"

"Danny goes the extra mile - to say he's committed is a vast under statement - he stays on top of every detail, anticipates outcomes and prepares for all scenarios, humor intact. A true pleasure to work with - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!- Joelle R., Gold Coast"

"My wife and I worked with Danny to purchase a new construction home and really cant say enough good things about him. He is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with his time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). He answered every question or got the answer to every question and explained every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. Buying the RIGHT home in this market is challenging for anyone, but working with Danny made it as painless and straightforward as possible. Do I dare say - even with a real estate agent - an actual pleasure?!? Susie and I highly recommend him. Joe and Susie S, Lincoln Park"

"I worked with Danny and his team on both an acquisition and a sale and found them to have a strong expertise in the area and ability to execute on our desires.- Jeffrey C., Bucktown"

"Danny Glick is, hands down, the best real estate professional I've had the pleasure to associate. Danny has an incredible level of energy and passion around his profession. He really lives and breathes the Chicago area real estate market. Numerous times Danny sacrificed a personal event to be responsive to something we needed to see "right away". It's funny, I think Danny was more jazzed up than we were to see some of those properties. He's really a student of his craft. While Danny is charming, his most endearing attribute was his ability to listen and be observant. We are new to the Chicago area and Danny really helped us get a grasp on our true lifestyle interests in an effort to steer us in the direction of the right neighborhood. We originally thought Lincoln Park (or similar) but he sensed (correctly) that we were far more oriented towards the suburbs. I'm fairly certain he may have helped us avoid a costly mistake. Despite the obvious financial incentive, he stopped us several times from pursuing what he believed could be a mistake for our family. He's clearly a relationship, (not a transactional) guy. Danny is also a tough as nails, but still graceful, negotiator. He wisely guided us to hold the line (when we were willing to be more flexible a few times) but never did so in an unsavory way to the selling parties. When our purchase was complete I asked him if he wanted to put his name in the hat to work all corporate relocations for a large corporation. His response was telling. He said he was flattered, but he'd rather just hear that we were happy with his work! I can't say enough about Danny other than to say I consider him a friend. I would highly recommend Danny Glick to anyone other than the seller of the next house I venture to purchase.- Todd G.,"

"Danny represented us for both our home sale and new home purchase. He was the right man for the job! Before placing our home on the market, he did a thorough analysis of comparable properties to effectively price our place. He also had great suggestions prior to listing. We received an offer after our first open house! While we were on the search for the perfect home, Danny made us feel as though we were his only clients. He was patient, candid, thorough and he's incredibly well respected within the industry. He truly had our best interests at heart and didn't pressure us or try to 'sell' us, which we appreciated. We looked at over 40 homes with Danny, and he would give thorough insight on each and every one. We found 'the one' and Danny effectively and efficiently negotiated us exactly what we wanted. He's a fantastic agent and we couldn't have better things to say about him. We absolutely recommend him without any reservations.- Sharon B., Lincoln Park"

"Mr. Glick is a wonderful agent. He is very knowledgeable about the Chicago & surrounding areas. He took long Saturday's to show us houses when we were coming into town. There were at least two occasions we saw over. 20 homes per our request and he did not blink a eye. He was organized and had a great plan to see each property in a proper amount of time! He is very personable and just a pleasure to work with!- Lana G.,"

"Danny is the best broker that we have ever worked with and was extremely effective in helping us negotiate and consummate the deal. Danny and Stephanie were awesome. The negotiation and transaction were difficult. Danny and Stephanie were very effective in advocating our side and protecting our interests. I have already recommended them to other friends.-Tim B., Lakeview"

"Danny knows his stuff very well. He can be considered an authority. He has fine manners and very diligent. It is a pleasure to work with him. My case was not simple but in the middle of very difficult situations he always found a solution and even more. I would certainly work with him again if a need arises. I also would recommend him to anybody looking for a realtor.- Marc A., Lakeview"

"Danny was amazing. He was on top of opportunities and helped us to move quickly in a tight market with little inventory that fit our requirements. He was always available and patient with us as we navigated the process of moving out of condo living and buying our first single family home.- Danielle R., Magnificent Mile/Lincoln Park"

"Danny went above and beyond my expectations.-Lawrence W., West De Paul"

"Danny Glick Group was FANTASTIC in helping my husband and I to find a new residence. She really took the time to get to know our situation and kept our best interests in mind throughout. They where very knowledgable about the areas that we visited and helped us weigh all of our options.- Spencer R., South Loop"