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Dawn Cunningham's sales career spans nearly 25 years, working with a variety of high-profile Chicago print and broadcast media, including The Reader, The Score and her favorite radio station, WXRT. During that time, she gained not only competitive sales experience, but also the ability to develop and implement successful marketing campaigns for her clients.


Dawn transferred her love for media sales to a real estate career that began in Chicago over 12 years ago.  The real estate market was booming when Dawn arrived and she quickly built a foundation for closing multiple transactions for all types of dwellings and neighborhoods. At this time, she was mentored by top agents in Lincoln Park and received formal training with street level experience.


She broadened her strong knowledge of Chicago's neighborhoods and schools to Evanston and its surrounding suburbs where her family has lived since 2005. Having done it herself, Dawn prides herself on assisting young families™ transition from the city to suburbs. She is proud to call Evanston home and believes it is a great place to learn the nuts and bolts of homeownership.


Dawn has a strong understanding of Evanston's lay of the land, including its unique schools. She is active in local parent networks and helps welcome new families to the community. Her love of going through homes and helping clients find their right home has never wavered.


Though the real estate market has changed dramatically since she first started selling, Dawn feels it is still very exciting and fulfilling for her to help with one of the biggest decisions of a clients™ lifetime. She will always have fun touring homes and learning how homeowners decorate and live.

Clients are saying:

"Dawn was a terrific agent for me - she provided terrific guidance from beginning to end including; thoughtful pricing advice, effective staging consult, beautiful photography and she created terrific market awareness of my property. The result was the sale of my home in less than three weeks at 98% of our original list price. I would highly recommend working with Dawn and happy to be a reference for her at any point."