Debra Hadelman

Debra Hadelman



"As an analytical person and a commercial realtor, I come at most situations from a right-brain perspective. Debra was able to help me see that buying a home is a very personal decision and also requires left-brain perspective. There needs to be an emotional component to the process. So, in addition to showing me the scatter-gram of homes I specifically asked to see, she showed me a very edited set of three homes that were exactly what I wanted. Once I said: "that's' the house for me", she said; "And now, I have one last home to show you that's not what you've asked for, but I think might be what you really want." She was right. She understood my situation and my abilities and saw an opportunity for me to have a better home than I had imagined. I am very grateful."

"The daunting process of selling and buying of home, elicits all kinds of emotions. As complex and often, unpredictable as the process can be, I consistently had a confidant, counselor, hand-holder and advocate in Debra. From staging, to showing, to negotiating to selling, Debra was there. Similarly Debra proved to be an invaluable asset on the buy-side, by helping to familiarize me with the market, efficiently assess my options, keep me grounded and provide thoughtful, selfless, measured and accurate advice, so that I could ultimately close on a property that I truly love more each day. The field is full of brokers, but blessedly, there is only one Debra."

"I have worked with many real estate brokers around the U.S. over the years, several of them truly exceptional. However, none were in Debra's league. Debra is the personification of a dream realtorempathetic, a good listener, thoroughly knowledgable about buildings and neighborhoods, highly ethical, and deeply committed to making you happy. It says something about Debra's interpersonal understanding and knowledge of Chicago's housing stock that I could have pictured myself living happily in every single apartment she showed me during our house hunt. In the end, and even with the handicap that I was completely unfamiliar with Chicago, Debra helped me find the single best home in which I have ever lived, in the perfect neighborhood for my lifestyle and priorities. She is, quite simply, the best realtor one can imagine."

"Debra Hadelman cares about her clients' well being. It has to be the right home at the right time. From large to small issues, Debra helped us all the way. Since our transactions, I have referred Debra to our friends and their adult children. I trust Debra to find solutions to their lifestyles in Chicago real estate. Debra excels at finding exactly the right fit. In order to do this, time is invested in getting to know her client's needs and desires. Commitment, conscience, dedication, diligence and perceptiveness are Debra's attributes."