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Overall 5 star rating out of 5 reviews

"Eileen had helped us every step of the way. We so value her accurate pricing, professionalism, her availability for all our questions, and her positive spirit. What a blessing it was to work with Eileen. We will recommend her to everyone we know. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Eileen. She staged our home and did a fabulous job from beginning to end of this journey. We worked with Eileen on the sale of our home and on the purchase of a new home. She helped us find a fabulous new home for our family and we are thrilled!"

"Eileen goes above and beyond the call of duty. She was great to work with, and I will recommend her at every opportunity."

"Eileen knows her business. She is professional, works very hard, and on top of things. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a positive selling experience."

"Eileen is the very best at her job. She knows the market, the communities, the properties, the process, which can be daunting at times. She also understands homes as she has done her own purchasing and rehabbing. We have worked with her to buy two properties now. I would, and have, recommended her services to my close family and friends."

"We should say that it's hard to imagine finding broker better than Eileen. She was very helpful with flexible schedule and quick and honest communication. Thank you Eileen.Anna and Bart"

"Eileen is professional, patient and well prepared. She showed me properties that fit myspending requirements. She took time to explain the home-buying process and was alwaysavailable for questions."

"Eileen was an excellent broker - she was very knowledgeable and practical, especially given thedifficult neighborhood and difficult environment. i have recommended her to my neighbors."

"The suggestions of Eileen and the beautiful pictures that portrayed the condo were very helpfuland really helped draw the customer's eye. Every recommendation was well thought out andmade the experience as 'unstressful' as possible. Thank you Eileen"

"Best Realtor we have ever had the pleasure of working with! Eileen Kelly redefines'determination'. Her energy, enthusiasm and zen-like calm were unflagging, even in the face ofconstant setbacks. We would not be in our new home without Eileen's incredible dedication andher ability to keep everybody and everything 'on track'. And through it all, her attentiveness toour needs always made it seem that we were her ONLY clients, which was of course was veryfar from the case. Tremendous customer service. Thank you so much, Eileen!!!"

"Just thought I would send you an e-mail and say thanks yet one more time for all your hardwork in getting our house sold. In my opinion, you are a really skilled at what you do. You areparticularly well suited to represent Riverside homes as you seem to really know exactly what ishappening out there on the housing situation. It was a pleasure working with you. On top ofthat you somehow manage to stay modest!!! Dorothy and I will always be one of your biggestfans."

"Eileen was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, personable and efficient. She wasextremely talented at staging my home which I think made all the difference in the world. I willdefinitely recommend her to friends and use her again in the future."

"This survey does not do justice to how I feel Eileen Kelly performed. She provided the ultimateservice and professionalism throughout this transaction. I would not hesitate to recommendEileen to any prospective seller or buyer of real estate. her knowledge and experience inmarketing the sale of the property for me surpassed my expectations."

"Eileen was amazing. We provided a long list of requirements and she was able to narrow downspecific locations for us to look in. She easily read our questions and discussed our options withus when we were ready to move forward. Even though we were unsure if we would relocate inthe beginning she stuck with us and when we were finally ready helped us move forward everystep of the way. She was excellent and the best thing was her overall honesty and knowledge ofthe market in many different suburbs!!!"

"Working with Eileen made what could have been a very stressful move not only moremanageable, but exciting, and ultimately profitable too. We were fortunate to have herexpertise to guide us through the purchase of a new home, as well as the sale of our old home.Incredibly in-tune with the market, Eileen helped correctly price our former residence- a housethat was listed after three other homes on our street were put up for sale but which sold beforethe other listings. On the buy side of the transaction she was instrumental in assuring webought a quality home at a good value. With three young kids and busy schedules we needed arealtor who could respond to all our inquiries without delay, and bring peace of mind whendirecting and informing important decisions. Eileen certainly delivered on all our needs."