Geri Katz Emalfarb

Geri Katz Emalfarb


About Me

A dedicated mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, involved citizen and realtor, Geri has earned a tremendous reputation along Chicago’s luxurious North Shore suburbs. Geri’s honest approach with buyers and sellers as well as her insight and knowledge of the nuances that make each community unique have helped earn her respect, praise and success. Geri’s work ethic is only surpassed by her endless energy. No matter her work load, each client is treated as though he or she is her only client. She listens, hears, looks, sees and speaks with attentiveness, clarity and understanding.


Geri’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion have earned her respect and loyalty from her clients and friends. It is for this reason that approximately 85% of her business is repeat business or referral. Making people confident they are receiving the most for their money is a task that Geri accomplishes day in and day out.


My Mission


“To provide my clients access to a wealth of knowledge and experience when they are making one of their largest, most important financial decisions.”


Geri recognizes that there are many decisions a family faces throughout its lifetime. Where to live and educate a family is a huge commitment. Raising a family means more than “home” – it is a neighborhood, a school system, a community, and an area where one can feel safe and comfortable with the decisions being made by the local government officials. Today’s families want and need someone who can connect all of these elements to truly create a complete lifestyle. This is the mission of a full service realtor – This is Geri Katz Emalfarb.


When You Love What You Do, It Shows Through


Days, nights, weekends – there is no such thing as “a regular workweek.” Geri feels passionate about real estate; it is not “work” to her. It is not about properties, it is about people. Successful people understand the commitment it takes to reach the pinnacle of what they do. Along the North Shore, Geri is recognized by her peers, by buyers and sellers, even by architects and builders as a consummate professional. She brings passion, understanding, wisdom and desire to her work everyday. This passion cannot be bought or taught, but people feel it and enjoy being around it. Geri is sought after daily because she truly loves real estate – and it shows.


My Background


Geri has spent her entire life living on the North Shore. She grew up in the suburb of Skokie and was taught her work ethic and value system from her parents who were survivors of the Holocaust. They continually stressed the importance of education, working hard every day and never forgetting one’s history or culture.


Geri combined her thirst for knowledge with her high-energy lifestyle by graduating at the top of her class from University of Illinois in Champaign. There she received her B.A. and Masters degrees in elementary education, while still finding time to be actively involved in multiple activities, including cheerleading. After U of I, she taught school and attended Northwestern University where she completed her superintendent certification.


Geri’s second career move was to create, manufacture and distribute a suede and leather clothing line. From design and labor to purchasing and sales, she built the company from the ground up. This helped prepare her for the next 18 years she’d excel in real estate. The skills she mastered have been invaluable tools for her real estate career. She rarely just “sells” a home, but rather “educates” her clients to the benefits their new home can bring to their life.


Geri has raised six children in Northbrook and Highland Park, which allowed her to be involved with three school districts. Today, she still finds the time to be an ever-attentive parent and now grandparent. Plus, her continued high energy helps her pursue her passion for tennis.


Your Network, Your Net Worth


It is often said that the knowledge a person possesses is important, but the size of a person’s phonebook really determines the value of his or her accomplishments. Building long lasting relationships in every aspect of her life is one of the keys to Geri’s success. Along with her successful real estate career, Geri has gotten very involved with local North Shore government. Her opinion and insight are as valuable to the policy makers as they are to her clients and associates in real estate. She has very strong relationships with administrators in various school districts and is well known by retail owners throughout the communities where she lives and works. These relationships have created a vast network of friends and peers.


Geri is not only viewed as an asset to the community, she is respected and welcomed into homes, businesses and boardrooms throughout the North Shore and the City of Chicago. If success does indeed breed success, Geri’s net worth is continually growing because of the network of people and professionals that hold her in high esteem for what she does and how she does it.


Formula for Success


There are certain formulas that reduce risk and almost always add up to success. Experience, knowledge, education and intuition are integral to that equation. When combined with true dedication and a genuine passion for real estate and North Shore living, Geri Katz Emalfarb is the formula for her clients’ buying and selling success. 


Clients are saying:

"Geri was an amazing real estate agent! I would strongly recommend her if you are trying to buy or sell your house. She has alot of energy and enthusiasm as well as professionalism. She helped provide support when I became discouraged and adviced me throughout the process. She was also very resourceful and helpful in connecting me to services to improve my house to make it more sellable. And in the end, it sold!!"