Jeff Stewart

Jeff Stewart


Buyer/Seller Tips





To help make your home search easy, let\'s start with three simple steps!


- Make a list (mental or on paper) of features you want in your new home.  Also, make a list of things you do NOT want in your new home.  This allows me to narrow down your options to a handful that are perfect for you!


- Send me an email and I\'ll reply with a few different mortgage lenders that I trust and have worked with in the past.  Learning what your budget is right away will lower your stress and will help save you A LOT of time!


- The step that will make you even more excited to start is to have me send you listings!  Just email me what you\'re looking for in your new home at and I\'ll get reply ASAP.


Let\'s get your home search started!






- Contact me when you make the decision to sell your home!  Either call my cell at (309) 269-3499 or send a quick email to me at!


- If your home goes for the minimalist route, perfect!  If you have a lot of belongings decluttering is extremely important when showing your home to potential buyers in person and online.  Just let me know if you need help and we can make a day of it!  Do your best to remove personal and taste specific items because buyers like to snoop!


Then we\'ll get your home listed and we\'ll get your home sold!  Start picturing yourselves in your new home.