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As a licensed Realtor, Jim Luby primarily serves Chicago's North and Northwest Suburbs.  He also has an extensive knowledge of the City of Chicago, having worked that market for 12 years.


At an early age, Jim Luby discovered his entrepreneurial appetite and developed the ability to interact with customers to uncover and serve their needs.  First, it was Jim's neighborhood lawn mowing business in the fifth grade.  Then, Jim Luby moved on to sell knives for a summer, before deciding to manage and run a house painting business while in high school.  After college Jim spent a few short years working in the corporate world for a small technology start up, before finding my ultimate passion in Real Estate.


Real Estate has afforded Jim Luby the opportunity to engage his entrepreneurial spirit, while helping buyers and sellers navigate some of the most complex financial transactions they will ever make.  After obtaining his real estate license in the fall of 2000, Jim Luby worked in the Chicago market for many years before moving to the Northwest Suburbs in 2011 and joining the family team.


Jim Luby learned early in his days as a high school house painter the importance of providing each client with superior service, and he continually strives to stay on top of the industry by furthering his real estate knowledge.  Jim has primarily built his business based on referrals from satisfied past and current clients, by becoming their trusted adviser through the transaction.  Over the course of his career, Jim Luby has worked closely with many types of real estate clients:  residential homeowners, the luxury home market, high rise condominium developers, builders, distressed property owners, apartment building owners, property managers, & commercial investors.  And though the real estate landscape is ever changing, Jim's primary objectives remain the same:  to help his clients effectively buy and sell real estate; to provide them local expertise; to guide them through their purchase or sale with knowledge and integrity.


Outside of work, Jim Luby enjoys spending time with his wife Kelly and their five children “ Liam, Charlie, Jack, Danny, and Casey (their little girl!).  They love the outdoors, whether it be walking the neighborhood, biking, running, water sports¦you name it.  If there still time at the end of a day, Jim's other passions include gardening, playing ice hockey and the playing the guitar.


Clients are saying:

"Shortly after meeting Jim Luby and listing our house for sale with him, we bought our new house in Colorado and moved. That meant leaving our 35 year old house in Hawthorn Woods vacant for an extended period. It meant putting our faith in our 1,000-miles-away real estate agent to help us through this transition period. Given some problematic issues with our property, we knew that we were unlikely to enjoy a quick sale. We had significant home inspection issues, well and septic challenges, and finally the buyer's loan delays due to Irma. Suffice it to say that we leaned on Jim far beyond the normal seller / real estate agent relationship. We came to know Jim quite well!

Throughout all of our challenges, Jim was the ultimate professional. He was patient when it was appropriate to be patient, and always collaborative. His advice was offered without bias, by which I mean that he was looking out first for us, and second for himself. He was never too busy to answer our calls. There was no question that he was squarely on our side. We came to rely on Jim to represent our interests, and he accepted that responsibility willingly. Throughout the process, from listing to sale, he never once let us down.

I suppose that real estate agents get lots of reviews that say things like, "He sold our house in 2 weeks above asking price". That's nice, but what did that agent actually do? Was the advice on price appropriate? Who was the agent looking out for?

Unlike our first listing agent (we fired her) who suggested a ridiculously high price just to get our business, Jim was realistic. He was honest. He was sympathetic to our situation, and unwavering in his efforts to find us a buyer and drive the deal to closing. He got us every dollar that was to be had.

I recommend Jim Luby without reservation. Perhaps more importantly, I trust Jim Luby. He is the only Lake County real estate agent I recommend. I do so knowing that his character and his skills will serve his clients well beyond what's "expected". Of this I have no doubt."