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Joffre brings a depth of expertise to a vast cross section of the industry as a Top Producing Broker. His success in helping buyers, sellers, renters, developers, and investors in closing hundreds of deals allows him the patience and know how to tackle any real estate transaction. This experience coupled with his background as a Division I collegiate athlete are key components to the tireless work effort and competitive strategies he uses to meet the needs of his clients and support the work of his colleagues.

After a decade in the industry, Joffre has a rich development background, and is able to leverage his capital markets contacts, and planning and construction consultation, with his expertise in sales and marketing to bring a valuable skill set to his client base. An esteemed Project R.E.A.P Graduate, a member of R.E.I.A, the Urban Land Institute, and a Platinum R Status member of the National Association of Realtors, Joffre continually strives to be a full package real estate professional in multiple facets.

Hailing from Champaign, Illinois, Joffre was a member of the University of Illinois Baseball team and majored in speech communications and has a management degree from Columbia Chicago. Joffre is the son of Dr. Charles C. Colbert, retired Vice-Chancellor of the University of Illinois and the late Dr. A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert, former Provost of Howard University. In honor of his mother and his own personal defeat of Cancer, Joffre devotes time to the "The Network of Strength" and "The American Cancer Society." Joffre is a licensed broker in Chicago and Atlanta and enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, golfing, attending sporting events, and navigating Chicago's rich Culinary Scene.


Clients are saying:

"Joffre was everything that I could ask for and more in a real estate agent. He was thoughtful, understanding of my needs, overly diligent concerning questions I had, and performed tasks that I would not have even considered to be part of his job (picking me up and dropping me off each time to go view places, even if it was out of his way). He negotiated a fantastic price on my behalf, and definitely proved himself to be a shrewd negotiator who used tact equally as well as aggression. His combination of interpersonal skills and savvy investment aptitude are the reason why my bid was accepted, even in the face of other bids that were higher!Not only was he incredibly helpful throughout the purchase process, but he was completely NOT pushy regarding me putting in a bid, and was more than happy to wait until I found the place I wanted. In fact, at one point a list agent attempted to "bully" me into placing a bid on place I was unsure about by bluffing about other offers coming in the next day, and Joffre shared his sentiment with me that the list agent was likely trying to take advantage of my inexperience in order to make a quick sale. That is exactly what was happening, and just another reason why it is so important to use a real estate agent you can truly trust, and not just anybody you find from a website who might just be out for a quick commission check! In fact, I would be wary of brokers who offer commission rebates - you will be paying for that rebate several times over with the lack of effort going into your purchase / sale. Throughout each phase of my search, we both discovered attributes that were/weren't important to me as a buyer, and he was instrumental in fine tuning my search to my needs, as well as helping me think about those needs in real time. When I first started my search I wasn't even sure I wanted to purchase a place at that time, and he was completely understanding of that. We talked openly and candidly about the pros/cons of ownership, and I quickly felt like Joffre was somebody I could trust. As I shifted my interest from one area of the city to another, or from two bedrooms to three, Joffre was understanding and not frustrated that my interests as a buyer had changed. His patience was absolutely key in me finding the place I ultimately purchased. Joffre was also instrumental and thoroughly involved after my bid was accepted. He took care of everything, from finding me a mortgage broker (Sam Sharp at Guaranteed Rate, would definitely recommend him and his team), to setting me up with a lawyer (Steven Felton at Lattas Law), both of whom were extremely competent and were instrumental in facilitating a quick close within a narrow 26 day window. Throughout the closing process, Joffre served as an extremely helpful liason, explaining to me any questions I had regarding the requests from the mortgage approval process, and reassuring me as I became nervous that we might not close in time (we did). He was there for me from a personal standpoint as well as a logistical one. On the day of close, Joffre drove out through traffic for 90 minutes on a Friday afternoon to pick me up, so that I wouldn't have to drive into work that day and could take the blue line out to the close. I doubt many other agents would fight traffic for their clients like that after the check was already signed over to them. Post close, Joffre also set me up with an incredibly capable and low priced team of workers to perform minor renovations on my new home. I shopped around and the team he works with was literally 50% below other quotes I received, and they did phenomenal work.To summarize, I couldn't recommend Joffre's services as a real estate agent any higher. He was literally there for me every step of the way, and I have already recommended him to a few friends who also feel the same way about their experiences."