John S Josephitis

John S Josephitis

ABR, E-PRO, SRS, MRP - Broker             


Overall 5 star rating out of 3 reviews

"I am so glad to work with John. He is very professional and he has many many years of experience in real estate. He is very patient with me and explains all the things I do not know. I am so surprised how detailed he can be. He helps me so much every step away. I feel I can count on him to achieve my goals in this journey. Thank very much, John. I can not wait to work with you again!"

"John was a pleasure to work with- he was extremely professional and courteous. He was expeditiously responsive which I truly appreciated as I live out of town and purchased this home, literally, on the way to the airport! He went beyond expectations in making sure everything was taken care of...including meeting estimators for me and making sure that repairs were covered and scheduled. I highly recommend him! Oh wait...he has great decorating ideas, also!"

"John has excellent knowledge of the local market and geography, and is a tireless and effective agent. He took time to help me find the ideal property for my needs. I highly recommend him."

"...Not only is he a handsome gentleman but he really worked hard to sell my home. I particularly liked John because he was realistic with the price I could expect to get and the time frame it was going to take for me to sell my house. The house went under contract in 30 days and the closing went very smoothly. Not only does he have knowledge of brokerage but has extensive experience in real estate investment. Thanks John for all your help!"

"I have worked with John over the years and have to say that John's style of negotiation is top-notch! John is always three steps ahead in the sales process. The insight into what will happen in a negotiation process is priceless and John has the ability to negotiate in a professional manner which created exceptional results. A strong negotiator will result in a more lucrative and faster closing. John saved our deal during negotiations with our inspection and legal issues."

"I have had John as my real estate expert and friend for over 20 years. John advised my wife and I on purchasing our first home, which apprecieated significantly due to John's suggestions on how to improve the interior. We sold that house and purchased another home on the North Shore in Lake Bluff. John encouraged us to take some of the proceeds of the sale of our first home and invest it in income property. Over the year, we have bought and sold income property with John's advise and have made a lot of extra money in the process. We can not thank John enough for all his knowledge and real estate expertise. We strongly recommend John for both residential sales and also as a broker for income property!"

"John is a very profession and hands on realtor with a great deal of building knowledge. We worked with John to find a "fixer-upper" that we bought to fix up so that we could add equity to our new home. John was able to look through our older home and point our various items that were easy fixes and also pointed out some areas that would be very expensive to fix. John was able to negotiate our final price down on several areas that were discovered during our inspection. While our negotiations were lengthy, and difficult due to unforeseen inspection items, John worked with the seller to explain that these issue would come up again and was able to save our deal while getting the seller to contribute to help us. John was very calm and matter of fact throughout the entire process, which made our first rehab project go much smoother than we could have imagined. We are so happy in our new "older" home and love the neighborhood we now live in. Thanks again John!"

"It was a real pleasure to work with John during our recent search for new property to lease for our new business. John understands the rental market in great detail, knows many locations in detail and was able to find us with a great space for rent at a very reasonable rate. John knows how to negotiate, in a pleasant manner, to get the best deal for his clients. While working with us and consuling us on the marketplace, we learned a lot about how John is able to work both sides of a deal in order to bring everyone together so everyone is in a win-win situation. Our new location is working out better than we expected and we will retain John again as we search for our next location to expand."

"We listed our previous residence with John and were very impressed with his knowledge and unerstanding of the Lake Bluff market. John explained how we needed to price our home so that it would sell fast, which it did. John also provided our buyers with helpful guidance with our inspection issues. What seemed like a deal breaker, ended up being resolved due to John's contacts with electricians and plumbers who were able to fix our issues at a very low cost. John sold our house very fast, provided needed expertise during our inspection and we had a very smooth closing. Great person to work with..."

"John is a very professional and honest broker. We had John as our agent searching for a new location for us. Over three months of searching various areas on the North Shore, we found our dream location to move. John made our experience seamless and we recommend John with very high regards!"

"I have worked with John over the past decade. Two words say it all. Honesty and integrity. I definitely consider him not only a business associate but a friend. He absolutely works harder for his clients than anyone I have ever met."