Jonathon Nagatani

Jonathon Nagatani



Overall 5 star rating out of 12 reviews

"Jane and I sincerely appreciate all the hard work you put into the sale of our condominium. We would recommend you to friends and potential clients without reservation, and would tell them the following: Jonathon won our business through his professional and thorough approach, and obtained a legitimate offer on our property (which subsequently resulted in a sale) within three weeks of listing. He provided us with timely, detailed and accurate market information to enable us to make informed decisions about the listing and sale of our condominium. He then aggressively marketed the property through customized mailings of his own design, extensive internet marketing, and a custom property website. He continually explored new sources of potential buyers. Our neighbors in the building commented on the fact that they received two mailings about our condominium within the short period of time it was on the market. Jonathon's hard work and creative approach worked for us, and are certain to produce successful results with future listings."

"We are very impressed with Jonathon's attention to every detail during the course of our search. He worked very closely with us to meet our extremely small search window, but we still managed almost 50 viewings within one week. He successfully scheduled almost 20 viewings in a single 9 hour day for us, and we came back with 3 shortlisted properties that day, eventually we closed on our first choice. Jonathon also helped us save a lot of money during our offer process through data driven negotiations, as well as during the inspection and attorney review process. Overall, an extremely talented Realtor who works as your TRUE partner. It was nice to know someone was watching out for you. I would recommend him to all home buyers, especially the ones who like attention to detail and thorough due diligence on their purchases."

"Jonathon is a very dedicated, hard working, punctual Realtor. We had a wonderful experience working with him. He is always available and has very quick response time. He would give us great advice. He also helped us make the right decision. We would recommend him highly."

"Very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Responds quickly to emails and phone calls. I highly recommend working with Jonathon."

"Jonathon was great. He helped me find the right home for my needs and always responded to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him."

"4 years in a row - great experience as a buyer, landlord, and tenant!"

"Jonathon assisted with my recent Chicago apartment search efforts again. As always, Jonathon did a thorough job in helping to evaluate the apartment options on the market, coordinate and assist with the apartment viewings, and overseeing the lease execution details. Jonathon is extremely detail oriented, responsive, and thorough in his approach. It's a pleasure continuing to work with Jonathon!!"

"I couldn't have asked for a better agent. Jonathon was extremely prompt, professional and friendly. His attention to minute details helped me find my perfect first apartment in Chicago. I would highly recommend Jonathon."

"Mr. Nagatani is very hard working and a trusted broker. He has been working with me for a few occasions and I have been pleased with his performance. He is highly recommended."

"Jonathon was exemplary in every way -- courteous, informative, prompt, and efficient. He gets things done!"

"Jonathon has been really great in helping us find our new home. Definitely a broker you would want to have. He understands your needs and will make sure you see the best properties available."

"I have worked with Jonathon for the past 3 years I have lived in Chicago. I moved to Chicago for the first time and was clueless about how to rent an apartment in a big city. Jonathon has been nothing less than the perfect broker to guide me through the apartment hunt process and make sure my needs are consistently met. Jonathon is extremely thorough in doing research on my behalf and taking my feedback and requests to heart. I never once feel like Jonathon is just trying to make a sale. He ALWAYS has his clients' interests top of mind and simply gets the job done right the first time. I would highly recommend working with Jonathon for your renting or buying real estate needs!"

"Jonathon is a consistently professional Real Estate Expert - He provides outstanding responsive service, market knowledge, and a willingness to do additional marketing and even showcased my property for the best presentation to the marketplace. I will recommend him to all my friends on the North Shore! Great Job!"

"I met Jonathon over three years ago through a recommendation from a close friend of mine. I was looking to find an apartment in Chicago at short notice and had a bunch of things I was particular about; Jonathon helped me find a place that offered them all! Jonathon helped me find my first rental pretty quick and when it was time to purchase my first home I knew I'd want to get his help. He's always just a phone call away, at any time and has always been very helpful. Jonathon has a solid understanding of the real estate market and helped me understand the intricacies of the purchase process so that I felt comfortable and well-informed at every stage. He was also very accommodating of various requests and was thorough in his research and responses to various questions of mine. Always courteous and prompt, working with Jonathon has always been a pleasure. He's my go to guy for any Real Estate needs!"

"I would just like to provide some feedback with regards to the service that Jonathon extended to us while we were selling our Lake Forest property. From beginning to end Jonathons professionalism was impressive.We originally chose Jonathan as an agent because we had received a mailing from him for homes in the neighborhood that clearly stood out above the rest. He did not disappoint. He had a professional photographer take pictures of the property, created a beautiful brochure and provided great online exposure. Jonathon also accompanied potential buyers to all the showings and provided us with feedback. He also kept us up to date on market activity. We were extremely pleased with Jonathon and look forward to working with him whenever we need an agent."

"We both appreciate very much your dedication and innovation in our search for a new home! We are so pleased with the house and want to thank you for all you did for us throughout the process."

"I would like to personally endorse Jonathon Nagatani as my real estate broker in Chicago, IL. I was referred to Jonathon through a mutual work colleague. I was looking for a place to rent in Chicago in downtown, however lived out of town in Houston, TX. In addition to this, I needed to find a place to live that met my criteria within a month, and only had a one-day visit timeframe to find a location, as my employment would begin quickly.Despite never meeting face-to-face initially, Jonathon worked with me via phone conversations and emails, asking me a series of questions of wants, must-haves and deal-breakers. His thoroughness resulted in providing me with listings in a handful of neighbourhoods in town. We narrowed the list down, and Jonathon could tell I was beginning to become overwhelmed. He helped narrow the list down to about two dozen properties based on what I was looking for in both the property and neighbourhood. Jonathon took it a step further to put together a rigorous and thorough one-day viewing of these properties, with a variety of different types of buildings and units for me to visit on my one and only day in Chicago. He even put together a comparison sheet of all the units we were looking at to make quick assessment of all the units we were looking at on that day. By the end of the day, we found the perfect unit!The same day, thanks to Jonathons market research, we successfully negotiated a lower rent price than what the Landlord requested, which saved me a substantial amount of money. We closed a couple of days later and I can proudly say I live in the Gold Coast area of Chicago in a beautiful unit on the top floor of a modern amenity complex!From beginning to end, Jonathon kept me in the loop and provided me with timely, thorough and very useful information and guidance as my real estate broker to assist me to find the perfect unit. He did it professional, quickly and was a person willing to work around my busy and hectic schedule. His knowledge of property values, neighbourhoods, and property analysis, made my decision quick and easy. He followed up with additional information about my neighbourhood and how to setup different services I would need to smoothly transition to moving to Chicago! All of which, means a great deal to a new person, such as myself, to the city of Chicago.It is for these reasons, and my experiences with Jonathon, that I endorse his services as THE Chicago real estate broker to all my friends, colleagues and whomever else may need his assistance with relocation real estate."

"I was first referred to Jonathon by a friend of mine from college in the Summer of 2012, when I was moving to Chicago. Once I got in touch with Jonathon, he quickly helped me understand the Chicago (Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Lake View, etc) rental market, and provided us with a good selection of properties available to us based on our requirements (budget, number of rooms, location etc).Neither I nor my roommates were in town during this process, so Jonathon was kind enough to shoot videos of the places we liked (after we viewed the listings online), and gave us a detailed analysis of the properties. While shooting the videos, it was evident that Jonathon did his homework about the properties and neighborhoods that we saw - which was extremely helpful.During the entire process, Jonathon was extremely responsive - and was very prompt in responding to our e-mails and phone calls - which I think was the strongest point in our relationship given the fact that we were not in town and relied on active communication to seal a deal. He was also flexible in adjusting to our changing requirements (we went from looking for a 2-bedroom to looking for a 3-bedroom because another friend decided to join us) and considerate of our needs.Based on the 2012 experience, we decided to re-hire Jonathon's services when looking to move to a different apartment in 2013 - and both moves / apartments turned out great!Overall, based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Jonathon's services to anyone looking to rent an apartment in one of Chicago's many neighborhoods!(NB: this client rented a 3rd time and purchased a condo as well with Jonathon)"

"It is my pleasure to share my experiences with Jonathon Nagatani as my real estatebroker. My room mate and I were looking for a very particular place to rent in Chicago.However, both of us where out of town; in my case even out of the country. I was naturallyskeptical that we would be able to secure a place we like within our deadline. Jonathon proved my worries as completely unreasonable.In my only brief visit to the city, I was able to meet with him and see two locations. Jonathon was punctual and provided me with prime customer service. I was able to definefurther what we are looking for and he immediately added this to his search. I was impressed when we were receiving updated listings directly to our emails about new potential rental places all within our scope. His communication was not only timely but also clear and to the point.Once we liked a place it was the case that my room mate and I werent able to physicallyvisit the sites. This was not problem for Jonathon. He went to the place and took a video which he uploaded online and I was able to see it while I was on vacation in Chile. This helped us make educated decision and ultimately lead us to signing a contract.From the beginning steps to the very end Jonathon was next to us giving us a preciseand unbiased information that assisted us tremendously. What I loved about his help was that he delivered what he promised to us and he did it by accommodating us on our schedule. I have never seen someone respond to emails as fast as him, at times even in the early am hours.I am glad I am able to share my experience with Jonathon as my real estate broker. I have already recommended him to friends who may need his help and whenever I need realestate help I have trusted person to rely on- this means a lot for a new person in town.If there are any questions I can answer please do not hesitate to contact me."

"We would like to express our enthusiastic endorsement of Jonathon Nagatani as a REALTOR. Among his many strengths are good listening and communication skills, diligence, enthusiasm and attention to detail. After not being able to sell our home in the Edgebrook neighborhood for nearly a year, we turned to Jonathon and the Koenig & Strey company to represent us as sellers. Jonathon developed and implemented a strong marketing program and then met with us weekly to provide a detailed analysis of the results to date.As a result of Jonathon's work of finding qualified buyers and the value-add of the Koenig & Strey network and services, we went under contract in less than a month in the winter of 2011. Jonathon negotiated aggressively on our behalf, facilitating a deal with which we were very pleased. He continued to work proactively, monitoring each step of the process through to a successful close.We absolutely would work with Jonathon again and highly recommend that you select him as your REALTOR."

"I was very satisfied after working with Jonathon. At one point, I thought we were going to have to walk away from the rental property, but Jonathon kept fighting for us and we got what we wanted in the end!"