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"Working with Julie was easy! I say that because the whole experience of looking for a home is stressful and emotional, or at least it was for me. Julie made my experience pleasurable and easy. She gave me 110%, and because of that I am living in the home of my dreams! I not only got personal attention from her while we were working together, but I have gained a friend as well. If you're looking for a real estate agent, STOP you've found her!!"

"Julie is all that one could look for in a real estate agent. Her professionalism, patience, and knowledge of the Chicago market are top notch. I have worked with several other agents in the past and Julie far surpasses them all."

"I found you to be a tireless worker in attempting to gather as much data as possible to assist me in making an informed decision."

"Heard a lot of good things about you from our friends, so we went into our first meeting with a good impression to begin with, and that held throughout the whole process. We were impressed with your professionalism, attention to detail and ability to help us relatively calmly navigate through the first time buyer process. You tailored your service to our needs and how they changed throughout the process, being a calm/rational voice throughout the few snafus (e.g. our first lender, the first inspection, etc.). You were very thorough and have great attention to detail so that nothing slips through the cracks."

"I don't know if you know how much I appreciate what you did for me...thank you again and again...know, that if I ever hear someone selling or buying I always mention your name!!"

"You seemed very professional and serious to me from the very beginning. That has not changed at all, on the contrary, it has improved."

"First impression was that you were professional, courteous and very knowledgeable."

"Very professional, very knowledgeable, very organized. These impressions stayed the same throughout and after the home-buying process."

"My first impression when I started working with you is how nice and easy you made first time home buying for me. You are very friendly and very knowledgeable about your job."

"They were that you are organized, efficient and so sweet."

"I thought you were friendly and personable. Very trustworthy. You are still all of those things!"

"I really liked you immediately. You were very helpful and friendly and patient."

"Very professional from the beginning."

"You were helpful and above all easygoing, which was important as I had only a very rough idea of what I was looking for."

"Very organized, friendly and knowledgeable. They have not changed."

"We were very lucky to find you. We thought you were very nice and never felt pressure from you."

"First impressions when we starting working with you were that you knew exactly what we were looking for and were able to help us without being overbearing or pushy. This impression still stands."

"Would you recommend our team to your friends and family in the future? If yes, when you refer us to your friends and family, how do you describe us and our service?"

"Professional, outstanding. You are the realtor. If anybody can make the best possible sale or purchase happen, that is you!"

"Excellent service, and it makes it easy using the website, and you are not rushed into buying and looking at places. It was all up to me to tell you."

"Professional and knowledgeable. I also state that you work only by referral as this exemplifies your capability and success."

"Very knowledgeable, very professional, very charming."

"Very professional, knowledgeable, organized and all in all a wonderful person to work with. Never pushy about making a decision."

"I would describe you as young, energetic, professional, engaged, very patient and gracious with the client. This last one is important. A lot of people are not used to transactions with these large sums of money, and so they might be intimidated by realtors who are used to such transactions."

"Run don't walkI have seen the all, and you are the best!"

"Very thorough, attentive, and caring."

"Most definitely. You are my preference."

"Julie is attentive, intelligent, and reliable."

"Very energetic and quick to get things on the way and have a great team that work with you."

"She was able to put up with me for 16 months of looking all over the place and then finally purchasing more or less the first thing that I looked at."

"Personable and organized."

"Without a doubt! Not pushy at all, very organized, very patient and overall a very nice person to work with. You were great for a first homebuyer."

"We were very impressed that throughout our offer process, you were constantly in touch with us."