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Overall 5 star rating out of 1 reviews

"Karen was invaluable- she really listened to my feedback and helped me find the perfect place. The process can be confusing, so it was great to have someone that was so happy to answer questions and clarify everything."

"Purchasing our first home was simple, thanks to Karen. Coming from California, we were overwhelmed with the prospect of analyzing the landscape of Chicago. Karen knows the lay of the land, and is comfortable and competent at introducing a newcomer to the process of purchasing a home. She was very patient with our never-ending dream home criteria, and worked diligently to help us find the right home in the right neighborhood for the right price. Karen goes above and beyond. She never kept us waiting, and never made us feel like she was too busy to help. Karen is also very personable, which makes an otherwise overwhelming process quite pleasant!"

"Karen McKeon knows the market extremely well and knows her clients even better. I had dreams of a sound investment in an income property. She learned my dreams and helped me to define them as goals in terms of real estate. Karen really made sure I understood what types of property were within my reach. She helped me make the best possible investment in a six-unit apartment building. The building is working out well and two months after she helped me complete the purchase I still say to myself every day: "That's the best thing I've ever done." I am much better off financially because of Karen's expert real estate advice."

"Karen did a terrific job selling our Chicago townhouse in a tough market. She gave us good advice concerning pricing and market conditions and as a result, our house sold in far less time than we had anticipated.Karen is well informed, ethical, helpful in finding solutions to problems (like where to dispose of leftover house paint). She is responsive and was easy to reach by phone or e-mail when we had questions.She was tireless in her efforts to attract buyers and promote our home. Because she is detail-oriented, she was good at keeping us on task with paperwork and deadlines.We highly recommend Karen as an agent to anyone looking to buy, sell or rent their home."

"I would like to tell you about my experience with Karen McKeon. I met Karen at a Christmas social where we found that we had some things in common like children, triathlon, etc. Fast forward a few years when my husband and I had decided to sell our Avondale single family home and began the search for a real estate agent. Having had a bad experience with our prior agent we had to start all over. I interviewed 5-6 different agents but none of them seemed a good fit for my needs. I wanted someone who had walked in my shoes, in other words understood my vision and concerns as a stay at home mom, someone patient enough to take me to as many homes to help better assess if selling at that time would be financially wise or not. I also wanted someone who was proficient and resourceful in the area of real estate. My husband and I decided on working with Karen, as she seemed so willing to be of help and seemed to be a good listener. What we would find in Karen was far greater than we had expected. Karen exceeded our expectations in that she was patient, respectful, professional, resourceful, punctual, encouraging, understanding, great listener and at times had to be comforting. We must have seen over 60 homes in the Lakeview and Lincoln Park area in a very short period of time and not once did she complain. Karen was always ready with comps and always sent them ahead of time so I could be better prepared when we went to see the homes. At the beginning of our journey I told her specifically what I did want and did not want. I shared with her my hopes and dreams and she consistently honored them. It was obvious to my husband and I that Karen's background in engineering and heart to find the right home for us was a blessing. We found a home that needed much work and she helped find professionals to give us their assessment as to its condition. Karen also helped us sell our home and again was extremely helpful in the process. Karen's negotiating skills and wisdom would prevail in assuring the closing of the sale."

"Karen is more than a great real estate agent, she's a great resource for your real estate needs. You'll be in great hands from start to finish with Karen. We sold our house in a tough market with a lot of competition in our category, and it was Karen's hard work and attention to detail that got it done. We literally would not have gotten the bid and contract without Karen's foresight. She's a great, great agent."

"I received a referral for Karen and I called her after I had months of no luck working with other agencies and trying to rent my condo on my own. Since this was my first time renting, she explained the process to me and went out of her way several times (in bad weather) to take pictures of my condo or to go over paperwork. She always kept me updated on showings, and after many people came through my condo, she found a great tenant that I have now. Karen is hard working, personable and I would recommend her to anyone considering renting or selling."