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Get to Know Krista Waski, Operations Manager


Q: Krista, how did you get started with the Makinney Group?


A: Before we ever joined forces, I had bought and sold houses in Elmhurst listed by Tom. We had stayed in touch (definitely the norm with Tom), and he contacted me a few years ago to become his operations manager.  


Q: What makes you guys different?   


A: When clients work with us, they experience individuals with complementing strengths who work together to bring them buying and selling success. With a team of five, we're able to give unbeatable support during the entire real estate process.  


Q: If you could think of one word to describe the Makinney Group, what would it be?


A: Dynamic is a word that fits us in many ways. W're dynamic in terms of our high energy, dynamic in the way we make results happen for our clients, dynamic in how we lead the market trends. People who work with us sense that we are action-oriented, positive and forward-thinking.     


Q: What do clients want and need in their real estate agents today?


A: Buyers and sellers need agents who are proven and experienced, and want agents who keep their best interests a highest priority and make real estate an enjoyable experience. We keep things light but never lose focus on what we're working to achieve.


Q: Tell us about the Elmhurst community. What makes it attractive to potential buyers?


A: All of us know Elmhurst extremely well. You don't have to live here long to realize the beauty of the community, its excellent amenities, the importance of education and family. Two special areas, the Prairie Path and Eldridge Park, which connects to the Salt Creek Greenway Trail, are simply beautiful and not to be missed. Local haunts such as Livia, Zenwich, Red Arrow, and Brewpoint are personal favorites, although I could name many more establishments in town that are just awesome!


Q: What should we know about Krista Waski?


A: I love what I do professionally, working behind the scenes for our team to help our agents do their best work for our clients. I also love my personal life. I'm not only a very proud hockey, baseball, dance and soccer mom to two amazing kids, I'm a two-time tough mudder. (Translation: I compete in 10-12 mile long military-style obstacle courses!) And so yes, I'm obviously into fitness. Hockey, cross training, and biking are tops on my weekly list. 


Q: Final thoughts?


A: Regarding real estate, choose the team that knows how to get the job done and make it fun. That's us! Stop in and say hello. You'll be treated like one of the team!