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City over charged all Cook County taxpayers from 06' thru 09'

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011 at 08:26 pm
Dear Clients & Friends,

Please be advised that the Cook County Assessor's Office has
over charged all taxpayers in Cook County from 06' thru 09'. 

If you have owned a residence Single Family Home or Condominium you may file for a Homeowner Exemption Certificate
of Error Application.  You will need your PIN (Property Index Number) to apply. 

You may go the website and choose
"Certificate of Error-Homeowner Exemption".  You have to file in person at the Assessor's Office in Room 320 of the
county Building. 

You will need to bring your Drivers License / ID with your address on it and your Voters Registration Card to prove that
you live there.  Just to be safe, bring a Telephone and or Utility Bill with your name and address of the residence, in case
you get someone that challenges you.  Of course, this is not being advertised and if you aren’t aware then you just loose out. 
You can only file for 06', 07' and 08' right now, they should tell you what 09' will actually be instead of what your current bill is. 
Your current bill is wrong!  You will get a refund on that one too, if you pay the existing bill. You will get the check in the mail,
in 5 to 6 weeks. 

Please let everyone who lives in Cook County know.

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