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Overall 4.9 star rating out of 11 reviews

"Lyn Flannery was positive and determined that she would be able to sell my house, which had been on the market for 3 years, and she did so within a couple of weeks. Working with Lyn, as my realtor, was a dream come true. She made everything very easy and created a happy environment for me to sell my house. She is a real STAR!"

"The best - Lyn exceeded every expectation!"

"Lyn was such a pleasure to work with. She is super responsive, a careful listener and very patient with her clients. Bonus points for being great with small children! Cannot recommend Lyn enough!"

"Lyn is a very attentive and pro client broker who seemed to have our interest in mind."

"One of the most professional and personable realtors we have ever worked with during our nearly 10 moves over the last 30 years. Great communicator and listener. Knows her market very well and the right thing to say at the right time."

"Lyn is a great broker. Proactive in addressing issues. Provided good advice and guidance start to finish. Always accessible. Results oriented. A real pro."

"Lyn is an energetic, creative and dynamic individual. Our house was not the easiest sell, but she was able to bring multiple buyers into our home, conducted several open houses, and was always encouraging and enthusiastic, I believe her efforts and that of her team helped get the house off the market in a reasonable amount of time. Her team including Elizabeth Schwartz and the stager, Robin Jerutis were also terrific. The staging of our home really made a difference as well."

"Lyn Flannery made the selling process easy. She gave us good advice which we followed. Lyn also made the bidding process as easy as it could be. Even though we moved out of state before our home was put on the market, we had every confidence in Lyn to get our home market ready. That trust came from our conversations we had with her before we moved. We never felt like she was pushing us to do something to get our home ready. She presented options and after thinking about these options we decided to follow through with them. We sold our home quickly and never regretted choosing Lyn Flannery as our realtor"

"Lyn worked with us throughout the process from staging the house to the closing, always with a smile and positive attitude. Whenever we had to make a decision, at what price to least the house, whether to accept an offer or how to handle the negotiation process, Lyn provided continuous support. She was available to talk and discuss at any point in time, and as first time sellers provided us with confidence we are in good hands. We will recommend her to any future sellers and buyers."

"I just can't help but smile when I think of Lyn Flannery. Lyn provided positive vibes and feedback during our entire selling process. She was always available to answer questions and give advice on staging the house. If she didn't know the answer, she knew where to find help. Lyn provided top grade photography for professional looking brochures. I would highly recommend Lyn Flannery to anyone selling their home."

"Lyn Flannery was courteous, engaging, efficient, friendly, and most of all, professional in all of my interactions with her -- via phone, in person, and electronic media. Lyn's skill-set -- her working knowledge of the market, her contacts across the area, her comprehensive plan for bringing the property to market, and her patient sharing of information with me were invaluable. As result of Lyn's efforts, we were able to move from listing to close in an exceptionally short period of time without sacrificing price in any way. I would certainly recommend Lyn and @properties to anyone in need of a real estate broker in the North Shore area."

"We think Lyn did a great job! She held everything together and was very helpful at every turn."

"Thank you both very much for the terrific jobs you did. What a great price and product considering where we started. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you wish."

"Had I listened to Lyn at our first meeting we would have sold sooner and at a higher price. Lesson learned! Lyn listened to our needs, provided great input, and ultimately convinced us she knows what shes doing.Lyn did a great job marketing the property without compromising our privacy. Lyn was always open, direct, and our advocate. We could not have asked for more.Lyns advice on simple, cost effective changes to the house we were selling increased our profit and allowed us to sell within the time period we specified.Lyn knows the market and has a great sense of what people are looking for and what they are willing to spend. This is critical when selling a property; and just as importantly when negotiating a purchase. Absolutely I would refer a friend."

"Lyn is extremely professional and is an expert in marketing the North Shore residential market. We were very happy with the time she took to understand our needs and the detail she put into marketing our home. Her results are impressive and rank among the top agents in her field. Lyn markets homes to sell at competitive prices and quickly. We recommend hiring Lyn to anyone who is serious about getting results in a timely manner."

"I was a nervous wreck and you continually recognized my need for reassurance and genuinely reassured me.You were always available, no matter how annoying I became. You truly enjoyed representing us, and that made me feel like it would all work out well in the end, which it did. I was very satisfied with your understanding of our needs. I especially appreciated your understanding and working relationship with Nancy, who needed a lot of hand holding to leave a house and neighborhood after 35 years."

"Just a note on my moving experience since meeting you in January. I was thrown into the realty market with no orientation or proper steps in buying property. Just the online info I could find - and your wealth of knowledge of the market. I am also a different buyer - buying ASAP - paying in cash - and a physical handicap. Your time and information was invaluable to me. You have been SUPER DOOPER - I give you 6 stars."

"You were great to work with both on the Thayer project as well as our home on Wood Ct. Safe to say that when you are representing such great properties, the homes sell themselves. However, I/we know how much work and effort you put into those two sales and we are so appreciative. I think your unique background and MBA education give you a leg up on most other agents because you take a different approach to the process.I would most certainly and enthusiastically recommend you to a friend. You were organized and prompt. You were creative and an effective communicator relative to the process and how you felt we needed to stage our home. You were spot on regarding price and most importantly were able to negotiate a price within 1% of our asking price.On my new construction home in Evanston, on Thayer, you had many interested parties tour the home well before it was completed and brought in an offer again, close to asking price. You communicated the buyer's needs relative to the builder's responsibilities and that was invaluable in the process. You often hear of realtors simply out to get their commissions but you truly acted as a trustworthy agent on our behalf both with our home on Wood Ct as well as the new construction home on Thayer. It is this type of professionalism that fosters relationship building and loyalty."

"January 2010: I asked my friend when I should sell my house--Last year! he said. It could have been downhill from there, but I had Lyn on my side. Lyn had patiently shown me a dozen homes in 2008, when I wasnt quite ready to go. Now she came to my rescue. She gave me solid advice on how to show my house to best advantage, pushing and pulling me through a three-month process of preparing the house for sale. My 3600-sq-ft house was filled with my daughters stuff, my ex-husbands stuff, and of course a tiny amount of my stuff, all of which had to be moved or managed; I was in a state of frozen panic! Lyn made sure I stayed on schedule, power-washing my house while I was on a business trip, finding me a painter, and even rolling up her sleeves and helping me organize my basement when I was just too overwhelmed to keep going on my own. She sold my house within 3 weeks. I can confidently say it wasnt a matter of luck, but of her hard work and expertise. I would absolutely recommend her to my friends, family, total strangers, and anyone who needs a realtor who will get the job done!"

"Lyn provided tremendous market knowledge and strategic insight when it came to listing our home. Lyn urged us to take advantage of a low-inventory market and list very early in the selling season. With her experience of pricing in various markets, Lyn listed us at a very appropriate price and the results spoke for themselves. We had over 30 brokers at our brokers open house, and over 25 potential buyers at our first public open houseall of which resulted in an offer before we even hit the market, and two additional offers within three days of the open house. We signed a contract within two weeks of listing at nearly 98 percent of asking price. With Lyns knowledge, intuition and marketing savvy, we could not have made a better choice of a broker. Her attention to detail, prompt response to our questions and requests, and easy-to-work-with personality makes it easy to refer Lyn to anyone who wants to get the best price and sell in the shortest amount of time."