Lynda Lipkin

Lynda Lipkin


About Me

Lynda presents a unique approach to real estate. Having spent 15 years on the trading floor at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Lynda honed an amazing skill set. That work experience allowed her to study and observe changing markets and fluctuating trends all while managing other people's money to invest all while working in a fast paced, high stress environment. Her transition into the real estate business was seamless. Her history and experience provided Lynda a strong affinity and foundation for negotiation skills and knowing how to represent her clients. It also proved invaluable in developing strong relationships with quality builders throughout the city. 


Lynda knows that honesty, integrity and knowing the market are key factors in maintaining her business.  However it is  understanding and listening to your client plus her individual creativity and dedication that confirms she is always trying to provide you with the best service she can.   As market trends continue to change, Lynda is always looking for ways to improve every transaction and ease the buy/sell transaction for her clients. Lynda's approach to marketing is not only her genuine commitment but knowing how to expose the property to the right target audience.  She consistently stresses the importance of a creating a multifaceted sales strategy to secure the highest possible sales price for her clients that list with her. Her buyers are fortunate to have an agent that understands the psychology of the purchase and that she possess incredible negotiation skills to get the deal closed. 



Lynda has created a champion career as a Real Estate broker by building strong relationships with various builders/developers. Her career is totally focused on being able to forecast the right project using the best developer.  She is able to recognize buyers needs and has refined her communication skills by becoming the perfect liaison between todays buyer and tomorrow's developer. Please review her listing and sales transactions in order to fully understand her years of working with an impressive list of Chicago's premier builders/developers whom are constructing beautiful homes in some of the most coveted neighborhoods of Chicago. 


When Lynda isn't working you can find her playing in the park with her Doberman KY.


Clients are saying:

My name is Walter Bladek. Since 1998, through my various companies, I have developed just under 200 residential condominium units in the Chicago's Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Bucktown and East Village neighborhoods. In 2006, I was fortunate to meet Lynda Lipkin. I have been working with her ever since. Throughout the years, Lynda had secured several developmental sites for my business, many of them at excellent price points, and subsequently was involved in listing and selling the completed condominiums homes.
I cannot speak highly enough about Lynda's professionalism, uncompromising work ethics, hard work, dedication and perseverance. I highly recommend Lynda as the first choice broker for any serious developer. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Sincerely, Walter Bladek"