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Maria's enthusiasm for real estate has translated into almost 20 years of consistently being a top producer in the Chicago area. 

She has worked with couples moving up from the city to the suburbs, families living in town who are looking to move up to their dream house, and with those relocating to the Chicago area and have no idea where they should land. 

A lifelong Winnetka native, she knows the pros and cons to most every street on the North Shore.  She can help navigate schools, park districts, commuting options as well as things like finding a dry cleaner or pediatrician.

‹She knows the city well, and can help you navigate different neighborhoods, right down the differences from building to building. 

Contact Maria today to have her help you with your real estate needs. 

Clients are saying:

"Maria is smart, funny and knows the real estate business inside and out. It's too bad she helped us a find a home we absolutely love, because I want to work with her again!"