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"I've lived in Paris, Berlin, London, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco. And still, my favorite city in the world is Chicago. I keep coming back!"


MaryAnn Marsh has been involved in real estate since 1995. She began purchasing investment properties, rehabbing them and reselling. Within two years, she was assisting friends and family in the real estate investment process.


MaryAnn's experience speaks for itself:


  • Real Estate Broker with 18 years™ experience in Residential and Investment Properties
  • Over $72 million in Real Estate sales
  • Economics Graduate from Northwestern
  • Has been featured in the HOMELIFE section of the Chicago Sun-Times
  • Lives and works in the South Loop
  • Joined @properties in 2007

MaryAnn's generosity is what makes her different. She is the president of a family trust which offers scholarships to Catholic School elementary students in the neediest parts of the city, is on the Northwestern Alumni Regional Board and was instrumental in building an $8 million facility in Champaign for a medical study company.


Sales is in MaryAnn's blood. Prior to obtaining her real estate license, MaryAnn owned a successful sales/marketing Art business. Today, she and her husband co-own the M Lounge, a popular Jazz Club/Martini Lounge in the South Loop.

"MaryAnn Marsh is a dream broker and realtor¦

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Clients are saying:

"Maryann, you are so great at what you do! She is so resourceful, experienced, and full of grace. Right from the first contact, I can feel the energy, passion, and the confident she brought to the table - which eventually served us well. I will not hesitate to use her again as my agent, and recommend her to friends and family."