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Melissa has lived in Chicago for over 8 years and appreciates the variety that Chicagoland has to offer. She recognizes that every client has specific needs and wants when it comes to moving their home and family.  It is her specialty to help her clients find that exact property of their dreams.

Melissa has earned her undergraduate degree at Southern Illinois University in which she completed her Administration of Justice and Psychology Degree and later obtained her MBA in Business and specialization in Finance from Kaplan University. Melissa is an Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker whose specialty is on residential real estate.

Prior to @properties, she had successfully worked for both a Developer and a General Contractor. This knowledge gives her the advantage of understanding the entire real estate process which starts from the commencement of construction, up to the selling and buying of real estate.  In addition, since she has obtained her MBA in Business and Finance, she has learned a valuable skill set of understanding numbers.  This knowledge can help in her real estate profession because real estate is all about numbers and finding that perfect sell/buy price.

Overall, she can use her life experiences and education to better assist and consult her clients in the real estate market.

Clients are saying:

"She was knowledgeable, professional, and demonstrated excellent communication skills."