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Born and raised in the Lakeview neighborhood, Michael began his real estate career when he returned to Chicago after graduation from college in California.

He didn™t start out showing property”he started by tearing it down. He was a member of a demolition crew that specialized in gutting commercial spaces for bars and restaurants. He and his brother saved money so they could purchase a neighborhood tavern, which also housed rental apartments in the upstairs floors. After working closely with many top-notch contractors,
they were ready to rely on their own resources to convert the property into residential condo townhouses.

For the next six years, Michael and his brother developed real estate in many Chicago neighborhoods, some up-and-coming and some already established. During these years, Michael realized that his greatest satisfaction”and strongest suit”came in dealing with the clients who purchased the units he had developed.

Since joining @properties, Michael has continued to develop these skills and now focuses on working with buyers, sellers and developers to help them evaluate an ever-changing market place.

Whether you™re new to the real estate market or a seasoned veteran, you™ll benefit from Michael's experience, negotiation skills and knowledge of the city. If you™re a buyer, count on Michael to help you find the right home and obtain the best price. If you™re a seller, look to Michael to help you secure the best selling price the market will bear.

In Michael's words.

In working with clients, my goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where people can make big decisions. Buying or selling your home can be an anxious time-it involves significant change and a serious investment.

I really take finding people the right home to heart. I ask my clients a lot of questions, and not just about their real estate objectives. A home is one of the most personal things I can think of; it involves a lot of emotions. The more I learn about someone on a personal level, the better equipped I am to help them achieve their desired outcome. Lots of people in this business give lip service to the importance of relationships, but they're not actually willing to invest the time to get to know their clients. I am. I guess that's the Midwesterner in me.

I love Chicago. To me, a great way to spend the day is by exploring different neighborhoods on foot to find out what they have to offer, what it is that makes them attractive to homeowners. I also spend lots of time researching various areas so I stay on top of how they're changing and what's happening with market values. Over the years, I've come to know this city like the back of my hand, and I keep growing to love it more and more.


Clients are saying:

"Customer service is the most crucial part of this entire experience and Michael could not have been a more responsive, attentive, and knowledgable partner. Not only was I selling my place, but I was starting a new gig and moving to a new city, so I had a lot on my plate to say the least. But Michael was the perfect amount of supportive, aggressive, and helpful to make this a much easier transition and process than I ever thought possible. I could not have been happier with my experience and if you're looking for someone who knows this market, will be honest, and work their a** off or you, then I highly suggest you get in touch with Michael today."