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Nancy first joined @properties in 2010 and brings ten years of experience in Architecture, Interior Design and Construction to her real estate career, all tremendous assets when listing your current home or deciding to search for a new one.

After earning her BFA in Interior Design while living in VA, Nancy relocated to Chicago to obtain her Masters of Architecture at IIT. She is passionate about Architecture and Design and believes everyone should be able to find and live in their dream home.

My background in Architecture and Interior Design gives me an in depth, ground up knowledge of buildings far greater than most real estate agents. When listing a property I am able to thoroughly compare different elements between properties, allowing me to effectively and competitively price the property, thus maximizing the value for my clients from the sale.

Nancy offers her clients a comprehensive understanding of the real estate market and insight into potential opportunities and challenges when searching for a new property. Additionally she is able to utilize her experience to provide suggestions of potential value-adds when listing your home. Whether you are looking at potential renovations prior to listing your property or at cosmetic adjustments to heighten buyer appeal, her insights are an immense asset to her clients.

Real estate allows me to work with my clients at a crucial moment in their life, when they are in transition to a new space. This is an exciting time and I love helping my clients navigate that process, enabling them to get the maximum value from their current home and find their new dream home.

Nancy also pens a blog, Haven by Design, exploring topics relating to Real Estate, Architecture and Design, and anything else that inspires her.

Clients are saying:

"Buying an investment property can be so stressful! It's a huge down payment, and then after closing the bills start coming due so you need to get it rented to someone ASAP. Ahhhh! Nancy makes all of that so seamless and easy, quickly! It's all about the communication and Nancy is A+! Thanks so much!"