Nancy Karp

Nancy Karp


Nancy S. Karp

When you are making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, knowledge and expertise matters.  Nancy Karp, with more than fifteen years as a Realtor, has an outstanding reputation and a broad knowledge of Chicago's North Shore market.  

Nancy is a real estate broker with @properties in Highland Park, serving the entire north shore.  Her decades of experience in marketing, market research and data analysis ensure that you always make informed decisions and get the BEST results, whether you a buying, selling, or both.

With an MBA from the Kellogg school at Northwestern University and over 30 years of experience in marketing and market research, Nancy provides her clients with a clear view of their local real estate market, market trends, and the variables that affect real estate prices.  Nancy's sellers receive an easy-to-understand snapshot of the local market along with the relevant facts and information they need to price their homes for a quick sale. Nancy also provides sellers with guidance on staging, pricing, and negotiation strategies.

Nancy's analytical expertise benefits her buyers too.  Ensuring that her buyers have a clear understanding of the market is vital to their decision-making.  Additionally after years of selling homes, Nancy is able to look at each property with a critical eye and point out potential issues, projects, or concerns right away.

Nancy's success is in part due to her dedication to her clients and her resolve to help them achieve their goals.  

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Clients are saying:

"We are so grateful for Nancy's invaluable guidance, coaching, marketing, support, understanding and commitment in the successful sale of our landmark home. Among her stellar qualities are her knowledge, experience, research, ethics and integrity. She went above and beyond contractual services on every level. We highly commend her professionalism, and equally highly recommend her as the agent of your dreams!"