Olin Eargle

Olin Eargle

CNE, ABR, GRI, SFR, RENE - Broker                         

Buyer/Seller Tips


Thinking of buying property? It's one the best investments available, for now and for the future. You can live in it or rent it while the property appreciates in value over time. Start saving all the money you've thrown away on rent. Before you make this large purchase find the right professional to help you locate the property that works best for your needs! Buying a home is a complicated process with many people involved. Remember; location, location, and location. This is number one on every buyer's wish list. However, don’t let your emotions determine your purchase. Think about future resale as well. The desirability and resale value of your home depends largely on location more than any other factor. When you’re ready to buy, move quickly. That’s because good properties usually sell fast. This is especially true when there is a shortage of homes available. However, when you work with a Realtor, you have access to the most current listings. When a Realtor knows your needs, they will notify you when properties that meet your criteria become available. I'll provide expert customer dedication and the utmost professionalism in working with you to find your next home. Please inquire with me if you're interested in taking the next step (see guide below).



If you're looking to sell your property, it has to be the right market in order to get you top dollar on your investment. Chances are that your property is one of your most valuable assets and largest investments you've ever made. When you need to sell your home, it only makes sense to put it in the hands of a broker who will see your home quickly and for the most amount of money. Before selling, ask your Realtor for a free comparative market analysis to see what is already on the market similar to your home. Let me and my team represent you and get your home sold as fast as possible.  



10 Steps to choosing and purchasing a new home:


1- Find A Qualified Buyer’s Representative:

In Illinois real estate transactions, sellers are represented by a listing agent who manages the details and acts in their best interest. As a buyer, you need someone to do the same, and provide complete and honest representation for you. Not only am I a Realtor®, but I am an ABR®: Accredited Buyer’s Representative. I do more than just help you find a new home; I manage and maintain our real estate team throughout the entire transaction to make for a successful and stress free experience.


2- Assess Your Credit and Finances:

A buyer who already has financing in place is in a better negotiating position when it is time to make an offer on a property. Know your credit status, select and speak with a lender, and then get pre-approved for a loan.  For a list of lenders I work with, click here.


3- Assess your wants and needs in a home:

Finding a new home is very exciting, but deciding between the things you want versus the things you need can be very challenging. Making these decisions begins with setting priorities for your home search. As your agent, I play a key role in helping you sort out the things you can change in the home vs. the things you can't. Doing this now, will make for a much more successful home search once we begin!


4- Search for your new home:

The fun part! Evaluate neighborhoods you’re interested in living in, narrow your criteria to what is most important to you, compare homes for sale and already sold - and then begin the search!! It doesn’t go as fast or as smooth as you see on HGTV, so rely on me to set strategies for your search.


5- Negotiate Terms:

When you’ve found the right home, you’ll know. Now it is time to make an offer to the seller of that home. As an ABR® my job is to work in your best interest, inform you if the home is overpriced, provide you with a CMA (comparative market analysis) on the property and then assist you with the negotiations. There are several factors outside of the price that I will advise you on when making a strong offer.


6- Obtaining a mortgage:

Since you’ve already been pre-approved by a lender before beginning this process (see step 2) you will now work with your lender to obtain the loan for this property. Now that we’ve applied for a mortgage and made an offer on a property, make sure not to change anything within your finances. Don’t buy a new car, furniture, appliances, quit your job or do anything else that might change your credit. You want to make sure your financial position is the same as when you were approved.  Once you’ve closed and in your new home, then go crazy!!


7- Prepare for Closing Day:

Leading up to your closing, there are a number of things that must happen. First, a professional inspection of the home will detail any flaws or problems. Second, we will have an attorney review the contract and prepare for the closing. Third, we’ll work with your lender to finalize the mortgage. You will be provided with a good faith estimate of closing costs to be prepared for how much money to bring to closing. Make sure you have this money liquid and avaialble. Lastly, a final walkthrough of the home will be conducted prior to the closing to ensure it is in the same condition as it was post inspection. For my list of inspectors, attorneys, etc. that I work with, click here


8- Closing:

This is the big day. I attend every closing with you, along with our attorney and lender. This home sale is a legal transfer of property and ownership and is probably the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. Though this is a very exciting day, there are also a number of moving pieces. The signing of documents and mortgage papers takes the most amount of time, your money will be transferred and you get the keys to your new home!!


9- Moving Day:

You will have planned for this day in advance, because your amazing agent has helped prepare you!! You’ve scheduled movers, transferred utilities from your old place to the new one, obtained home owners insurance, and notified the postal service, bank, credit card companies, etc. of your new address. It may be stressful, but relax and enjoy the experience because you are starting a new chapter of your life! And remember to pack toilet paper on top, so you can find it easily when unpacking boxes!!


10- Celebrate:

You are in your new home! Though this process is done for you, my job is not over. I will be here to assist with any questions that come up during your new homeownership, questions about taxes, the home owners association, future resale values, etc. to keep you updated to changes in the market in your area. Congratulations!