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Overall 5 star rating out of 6 reviews

"Derek Disera is a very knowledgable and helpful realtor. He knew all the comps in the area and gave very insightful information about the neighborhood. We felt his years of experience were invaluable when it came to negotiating the offer as well. We highly recommend Derek."

"Derek is a consummate professional. We saw a good range of options in a short period of time so I was able to make a good decision. Derek handled the new closing process with good humor and a level head, which was essential to the success of the transaction. I recommend Derek to anyone who asks me for a realtor and I've never been let down."

"Derek went above and beyond in his service as my selling agent. He was there from staging and prioritizing the work I needed to do on my home, to finding the optimal listing price, and through to negotiating the best contract and relationship with the buyers. His experience in the business was clearly evident, and he was able to answer all of the many questions I had along the way. I considered him more of a coach, as the process of selling was a difficult but ultimately great experience for me."

"Working with Derek Disera and @properties was an excellent experience. Derek is arguably the most knowledgeable agent I've ever met. He knows the neighborhoods, home styles, construction, pricing and more.I would not hesitate to hire or recommend his services again."

"Derek is a great realtor and was instrumental to our transaction. Derek helped us identify a good old house in a great neighborhood. He lined us up with a solid inspector and brought in an architect, structural engineer, and a general contractor. This allowed us to make the best decision possible and feel confident in our transaction. Derek was very helpful during negotiations and helped us gain the appropriate money for some fixes that needed to occur.I would recommend Derek to any of our friends and family.Mike and Lauren Folkmann"

"Derek did it. He got my property sold rather quickly, being that we were on the market going into winter.Derek suggested staging the home and referred two staging companies. Traction on hi-potential buyers was immediate following the staging. When there was a snafu with the first sale contract and the deal fell apart, Derek didn't skip a beat. Within the next week he had several showings and multiple offers were presented we accepted the best contract and the buyer and seller are very happy.I would recommend Derek DiSera as a highly effective broker and fun to work with. I already have."