Peter Sterniuk

Peter Sterniuk


About Me

Peter has lived in Chicago for almost 15 years and has been in and around real estate industry for nearly as much time. First steps involved actual labor in the field then construction management, college education, and finally over 100 closed transactions since 2002.

Peter decided to pursue the dream and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004.

According to Peter the combination of design and invention learned in college combined with real estate sales, building codes and local zoning ordinances can lead to interesting projects, ranging from as little as remodeling and house additions, to new single family home and multi dwelling developments all the way to zoning changes and lot subdivisions.

As a hobby and profession Peter and his fellow architects have been involved in many design development projects throughout the city and suburbs including zoning presentations and appearance commissions for proposed developments. All this work fulfils his spirit and gives him a vision on real estate industry from a different angle, as well as leads to: new ideas, meeting new people and coming across opportunities on a regular basis.

Peter is fluent in Polish and tries to learn Spanish. He loves geography, architecture and most of all: to travel.

In his real estate sales career Peter has worked for nationally and worldwide known real estate firms where he was among the top producers year by year. He was happy to join @properties in 2007 as he realized that being part of a locally known, recognized and respected organization may be even more rewarding.