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Overall 5 star rating out of 26 reviews

"Ron Knoll was absolutely amazing. As first-time home buyers, we interviewed numerous agents and decided to choose Ron. What a good decision. He was our advocate from day one. He tirelessly fielded all of our concerns and questions. He listened to us. He made himself available. We never felt pressured or forced to buy something that was not a good fit. When we did finally find that perfect place, Ron's industry expertise and experience was invaluable. Without him and his advice, we would not have gotten our home. I have recommended Ron to all of our friends and family and if we ever decide to move, Ron would be our first phone call. He is both an amazing agent and an amazing person."

"Working with Ron made the home buying process so much simpler than we anticipated. He was relatable, we trusted his opinion and frankly -, he's just a cool guy to work with! Any hassle with the process was pretty minimal and Ron made sure we were aware of any potential money pits we couldn't see on the surface. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a Chicago broker."

"First time sellers. We went with Ron because he doesn't appear to BS you and just tell you what you want to hear. He knows the market - both the market itself and your property in relation to that market. For a price that you want to sell, he also doesn't BS. He told us that we have to do some work, which was hard and unpleasant and expensive, but it was worth it as we priced our condo right, got multiple offers, and got above the asking price. We probably annoyed him a lot as we were often anxious, asking him a ton of questions. He told us to trust him, and he was right."

"Ron is the best! It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. He is very professional and personable. He always gave honest opinions regarding various properties. Unlike other real estate agents who try to sell you anything, he gave his opinions and insightful input. We will definitely recommend him and work with him in future."

"Ron is incredibly attentive. If we ever had a question or a request, Ron was there with an immediate answer. Ron went above and beyond for us since we are living in the suburbs and selling a place in the city. There were many cases where Ron stood in for us to make sure that we the selling process went smoothly. Ron has great knowledge of the Chicago real estate market. We trust Ron completely.Ron is the best!"

"Working with Ron is about a lot more than just the home purchase transaction. He provides valuable insight from the moment you contact him, is extremely responsive throughout the entire process and continues to follow up, even after closing, to make sure things are going well. I look forward to working with him again when it is time to sell."

"To put it simply, Ron Knoll is the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest broker I have ever come across. He has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide the best service and representation possible. The client's best interests always come first. Through our business dealings, Ron has become more of a close friend than a business associate. I will continue to bring all real-estate business to Ron and his company and would not hesitate to refer them to my dearest friends and family. HIGHLY recommended"

"Ron was great throughout the process. Would certainly use him again and recommend to others"

"Our experience with Ron Knoll was exemplary from the start of our locating a property to the actual close date. His communication skills with the other broker involved and our attorney facilitated as smooth a purchase as possible. From first making his acquaintance ten years ago, he continues to exhibit a true professionalism rarely found in today's real estate environment.Warren and Sue Anne Lake"

"Ron was able to sell our Evanston condo quickly and for close to asking price. He was easy to work with and followed up on issues when needed."

"My wife and I could not have been more pleased with Saffron Reality. Ron Knoll was our Realtor and was really amazing. We contacted Saffron based on the great Yelp reviews and were immediately impressed with the instant response. This continued throughout the entire time we worked with Ron. No matter what the time or how important the question, Ron would respond immediately. We first contacted Ron when we were trying to sell our condo in the South Loop and buy a house in the suburbs. Ron went the extra mile (literally) by helping us find homes all the way out in the Plainfield area. This was our first time looking for a home and trying to sell a condo. Ron really took care of everything and made the process simple. Unfortunately, we tried to sell in the South Loop at the worst time possible. The comparable condos around us started dropping their prices drastically and we were not able to sell for the minimum asking price that we had set.A few months later, we decided to rent our condo out and go ahead and buy a house in the suburbs. Ron was there for us again - this time all the way out in the St. Charles area. I'm not sure how he did it, but he managed to make it out to the far west Suburbs on weekend days that were convenient to us. By this time, Ron knew us very well. We didn't have to spend long in each house because Ron knew right away if it would be a possibility or not. We ended up finding a great house that is now our home.When the market in the South Loop gets better and we attempt to sell our condo again, we will definitely use Saffron Reality again.Thank you Ron and thank you Yelp for helping us find Saffron!"

"Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron!!!!!!I cannot say better things about Saffron Realty, and Ron Knoll. Ron is one two owners of Saffron Realty. My boyfriend and I were first time home buyers. Neither one of had a CLUE what happens, what to do, who to call, and what any of these terms meant: escrow, easement, PMI, good faith estimate. This was definitely a learning experience. We were ready to go and needed a real estate agent. We started off with an agent that had been in contact with my BF for at least a year. After trying to set up a time with him to meet, he was out town the first weekend we started. Not a good start. So my BF looked on Yelp and found Saffron Realty due to their 5 star raving reviews. (There is a reason for this rating, they are that good.) He then forwarded the review to me and I randomly chose Ron to call to see if he was available.In 2 days notice, he was able to pull several listings for us to go to - and our "criteria" wasn't easy. We needed certain space and sound requirements that made it not so easy to just pick a condo. And even if he can't make it on a certain day, he will send one of his other agents to take you around, which is great when you don't have a lot of time to find a place!! He was accessible via email/PDA, so if you had a question for him, he would answer very promptly.A short time after we started, we ended up calling off the search and having to cancel our upcoming showings because we had gotten engaged and were planning the wedding in a 6 month time frame. Ron was more than understanding. A couple weeks later, our situation changed and we now had to move out of our place and decided we needed to buy our first condo in less than 2 months and didn't know if this was even possible. This didn't faze Ron. He knew we could do it. After locking down a building, and then a unit, then dealing with a difficult developer's agent, Ron kept his cool. He even got us a lesser price when the developer said "it is non-negotiable."As I said before, we were completely new at this. Ron was with us for the inspection to bring up anything we didn't know to bring up or ask about. He was there every step of the way.We closed yesterday and Ron was right by our side. (Ron has never missed a closing in 13 years.) The closing itself was anything but smooth but it's all over and we have a wonderful place! If you think you can't find a place and close in 2 months, go to Ron, seriously, he will make it happen."

"Ron did a wonderful job selling our house, and helping us locate and negotiate the purchase of a new home. We could not be more satisfied!"

"Ron is punctual, professional, patient, and attentive to detail. I would highly recommend his services to any of my friends seeking to sell or buy a place. It has been a pleasure to have him as my agent, and we are already working together on another real-estate transaction."

"Ron was recommended to me by a good friend of mine who also worked with Ron. I could not have been happier with Ron's performance on the sale of my condo and the purchase of our new house. The main criteria I was looking for in a broker was responsiveness, market knowledge, and honest feedback. Ron excelled in all of these areas. In regards to honest feedback Ron is not the type of broker that will push his client into a house that is not ideal. Ron is very honest and will tell you issues he sees with each home and will explain to you why this may cause problems with resale in the future. Ron is there to help you find the best deal for your situation, he is not there to get you into a home as quick as possible and collect his commission. I worked with brokers in the past who did not have my best interest in mind. If was great to finally work with someone who did have our best interest in mind, and now we could not be happier with our home."

"Ron was incredibly knowledgable and easy to work with. He handled our condo buying process flawlessly, even when there were a few wrinkles he was there to fix everything for us. I would recommend him to anyone 10/10 times. Thanks!"

"Ron did an excellent job of handling our listing, which ended in a sale above our expectations. He stayed on top of everything and gave good advice when we needed it."

"I have worked with Ron for years on more than 1 property. He is attentive, timely with requested follow-up. Always a pleasure to work with and will highly recommend to friends and family"

"Best realtor around. Would highly recommend Ron."

"This is my 2nd property Ron and I have worked together on; he is always attentive and professional. Ron is very responsive and willing to assist in anyway he can to place his client's at ease."

"Highly recommend Ron Knoll. He gave us specific guidance about how to prepare our condo for listing and showing, adapted the listing strategy to our timing being ready to show and the time of year, and managed the offer process well. He expects sellers to be serious and put the work in upfront to prepare, but if you follow his directions, the sales process will be so much less painful."

"Ron Knoll is by far the best agent with whom I've ever had the chance to work. He was extremely professional and has the knowledge and communication skills to guide you through the challenging process of selling your home. It was a painless and smooth process."

"Ron Knoll is honest, knowledgeable, accommodating, and not at all pushy. It was very reassuring to have him in our corner as we went through the process of buying our first home. With Ron's help, we ended up buying a home that exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied customers, and we recommend Ron highly."

"We used Ron both on the buy side and the sell side for the same property. Both times we had successful transactions, and we just recently closed in less than 30 days.Thanks Ron"

"Ron, was a joy to work with. Selling or buying property can be exciting along with stressful. Ron was very knowledegable of the area where my property was located. From the beginning we both were on the same page regarding marketing; open houses,etc. which made planning and logsitics very easyOnce under contract, Ron stayed in constant contact with myself, buyer's agent, and my attorney to ensure we stayed on the appopriate timeline so we would have no delays as we were closer to actual property closing. I will utilize Ron again for the sale and purchase of future properties and will proudly refer his services to friends and colleagues."

"As a first-time buyer, I appreciated Ron's patience while my target home evolved over the last few months. He was never pushy and pointed out numerous factors about each home that I would have never taken into consideration otherwise. I will contact Ron when I sell my first home and will recommend him to friends in the future."

"Ron did a great job keeping informed on the market place for 4 years. We finally found a suitable property which met all our criterion."

"Ron handled my first purchase and first sale. He is very knowledgeable and candid - two qualities you want from your broker."

"Saffron Realty Group. Over 100 past client reviews (also make sure to check out our filtered reviews). #1 Rated Team in Chicago! When you're ready to get started, give me a call. Ron Knoll @ 773 330-2353 cell"

"My boyfriend and I decided to check-out Saffron based on all the wonderful Yelp reviews, and we couldn't be happier with our first place. Ron was amazingly patient with us, and was able to accommodate our requests time and time again. He always made himself available, and was always quick to follow-up. He was also very very knowledgable about the Chicago real estate market, and knowing that we were only looking for a home for the next 5-7 years, he wouldn't hesitate to let us know whether he thought something would be a good or bad investment. We ended up getting exactly what we were looking for at an amazing price, and we defintiely have Ron to thank for that! No question that we will be calling Ron when it's time for us to sell:)"

""Ron was patient and professional throughout the home search and home-buying process. We viewed countless houses over the course of many months and he always made himself available to show me more. And although I am certain he had clients with a lot more money to spend, he never made me feel second rate -- his patience and respect is why I will recommend him and his company to anyone I know looking to buy.""

"My wife and I were first-time home buyers a couple of years ago, and Ron helped to make the whole experience go as smoothly as possible. Obviously when buying a house some surprises are inevitable, some things are bound to deviate from your plans. But I can honestly say we never really felt surprised by anything that came up. At each point, from the house search to closing, Ron made sure we understood what the next steps would be, what our options were, what the seller might counter with, what kinds of things the inspection might reveal, etc. So rather than being surprised by anything that popped up, we already felt prepared for it. Also, Ron was always willing to just listen to us and field our questions, and we could go to him with anything that might have been on our minds. We never had trouble getting in touch with him, his assistant was always available to help us out when Ron wasn't (which was rare), and even then Ron made sure to follow up with us the same day just to touch base. It's been two years, we love our home and I really don't think we'd be in it right now if not for Ron. If/when we ever move, Ron will be our guy."

"Add my name to the Ron Knoll fan club list. I've been through this process once before, so I wasn't new to the process of buying real estate. My husband and I contacted Ron in the midst of our quest to buy a home. We had been working with another agent, and had even had a house under contract, but we found ourselves seeking a new agent after negotiations didn't go well with our first agent. The long and short of it is that Ron was such a breath of fresh air after our bad experience with the first agent. He was so on top of things, and he took time to really get to know us and to get a sense of what we wanted. He kept us informed and was always responsive to our needs. With Ron's help, we found the house of our dreams -- and got an amazing deal! We couldn't be happier."

"There is definitely not much to add about Ron and Co. that has not been mentioned in the previous zillion laudatory reviews - and the positive yelp review count is obviously high enough to indicate that Saffron is the clear realtor winner in the city. To try to summarize quickly why you should go with Ron:1. Unparalleled patience. I have friends who were working with other realtors envious of our relationship with Ron as he talked us out of pricey places and stayed consistently attentive and detail-oriented through a dozen-plus viewings. In fact, our friends switched realtors and asserted that working with Ron was a world of difference. Though anecdotal, it's direct evidence of a sort that, in immediate comparison to other realtors out there, Saffron's stronger.2. The beginning-to-end expertise and care. From helping us set smart parameters to restrict what was initially a wide open search, to exercising caution in the middle stage, to streamlining the paper-based nightmare that could have been our closing, Ron made sure our experience was a breeze from start-to-finish.3. Responsiveness. Ron always got back to us by phone or e-mail - per our preferred contact method - within 24 hours.4. Personability. Ron got to know us and was friendly throughout. This led to a trust relationship that was sincere, making us more forthcoming of what we really needed in our new place, and making everyone committed to a good result in the end.Look at the other positive reviews. Go with Ron and Saffron."

"Ron and team did a great job. Our place sold in 3 weeks and both the buyer and I were delighted. Smiles all around at our efficient one hour closing. The best part about working with Ron is he is very down to earth which is refreshing."

"Credit goes where credit is due. The market is horrible for sellers, and Ron Knoll and Saffron Realty Group gets results. Ron Knoll has skill, judgment, and diplomacy in spades. You will not find a better navigator through a choppy real estate landscape. He not only got a deal but saw the whole thing through to completion when it might have broken down several times due to the lender."

"We decided to work with Ron at Saffron Realty after reading all of the positive reviews here on yelp, so it's only fitting that I dedicate my first review to help spread the word--Ron Knoll is an amazing realtor! He is prompt, professional, personable, and incredibly knowledgeable. He did not try to sell us on every condo we saw, but offered honest and helpful advice on future resale values, maintenance, neighborhoods, etc. He was ten minutes early to every appointment and always responded to emails and texts immediately, even at 10 in the evening. Buying a home can be stressful, but through it all I never doubted that Ron was looking out for us. We got a beautiful condo for a great price, and to this day, 6 months later, Ron still keeps in touch. Give him a call, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!"

"To all you sellers out there Saffron was an awesome company to work with. I say company because we worked with a few people that were super helpful. It was much more like working with some professional friends than working with a "company". Ron Knoll was the first person we met and immediately I knew it was a good match. He came over to our house to get to know the details of the sale which was convenient. Luckily we were both music fans and hit it off right away. He took time to get to know me, my wife, and newborn daughter too. We ironed out all the details, business-wise, and from there we put our condo on sale. I think we literally sold it in about a week. The key was both parties (Saffron, my wife, and I) came to a fair and reasonable selling price and plan of action. Erin was the other person we met. She takes care of most of the showings and made this sometimes difficult task very easy. We had renters still in the condo that we were selling so that was kind of awkward and we all made it work. Before you knew it there we were at the closing and putting a potentially stressful event to an end. Ron even gave me a ride to the closing downtown. Good stuff. Anyway,I could go on and on about our satisfaction but the bottome line is work with Saffron and I can honestly say you won't be disappointed."

"Ron Knoll of Saffron Realty Group is the best realtor I've ever worked it. He's sharp, persistent, and has excellent follow-through. He told me what was wrong with every home we looked at, instead of just solely selling me in on what was right about it. He knows the most random yet applicable facts about neighborhoods, building exteriors, etc. Every inch and second of the way, he had my interests at heart. This was most evident during the price negotiation stage when Ron kept pushing for and of course succeeded in getting me a better price, even when I thought I couldn't get anymore. From the first moment we started looking at places all the way to closing, he never once rushed me into making any decision. Last but not least, he's also extremely pleasant to work with which is critical when you're making one of the biggest financial and stressful decisions of your life. Ron has exceeded all of my expectations, and I wouldn't be surprised if he exceeded yours too. I will definitely be asking him to sell my new home in the future when that time comes.Thank you so much, Ron, for making this such an easy process for me and finding me the exact home I was looking for."

"Ron (one of the owners of saffron group) help me to find my very first home in Feb ( Ron, so sorry for not posting the review sooner!!!). I had quite a few players in my decision making of buying the first home besides the fact that I switched the neighborhood at the last minute. He was so patient with me throught the whole pocess and always assured me that I would find something that I really like. He was right. I'm very much pleased with my place in Arlington heights. I couldn't have asked for any better agent. He is definitely an agent that you can trust and expect nothing but the best."

"If you're looking for a GREAT real estate agent, definitely call Ron!!My husband and I were awaiting the dreaded moment of selling our condo in the city. It was a great condo in a central location of Lincoln Park, but we had heard too many horror stories of the market being down, and already had two units in our building on sale for months. We used our reliable resource Yelp to find a real estate agent since we didn't know anyone personally. Ron Knoll from Saffron had great reviews, so we decided to give him a call as well as a few others. He immediately called back and was very friendly and personable on the phone and was available to meet with us on a short notice.We had already set up a few other meetings and Ron was the last agent we were meeting with. Within a few minutes of our conversation, we felt a strong connection with Ron's warm personality and after hearing his strong experience selling, credibility in the industry, affiliation with the Chicago ethics board, and how well Saffron is doing despite the tough real estate environment, we knew we had found the right real estate agent for us.Within a week, Ron helped gather information on our condo, take amazing photographs, and place our listing in multiple channels that were beyond the traditional sites. His knowledge and experience paid off because we had three showings within the first couple days of listing, and incredibly enough, had an offer after our first showing. It was unbelievable because we had no idea this was even possible in a down market. Ron helped us negotiate and we reached a price that was better than some of the comparables and after only a week our place was sold! We could not have sold our place without Ron's help and expertise. His high level of professionalism, willingness to look out for his clients best interests, ability to promptly respond and follow-up to our questions, great level of experience, and overall friendly and trusting personality made it a wonderful experience for us. Also, we are very happy that we are using Ron and Saffron Realty to buy our first single family home now as well. Thank you Ron, for being an awesome real estate agent - we appreciate all your help in selling our place!"