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Overall 5 star rating out of 10 reviews

"Sheila has done a wonderful job getting us through a sometimes difficult negotiation and transaction process. Once things were moving forward, she was willing to take extra efforts to resolve unexpected issues and take some of the burden off of us after we had already moved away from the area. We could not have done it without her."

"This is my second transaction with Sheila. She sold us the house I just sold. She tells it like it is with no nonsense and listens when you describe your priorities. She told me what needed to be done - I did it and got a contract in 7 days. Closed yesterday. Sheila pushed enough and then delivered. Selling is always a crapshoot but she managed it well. I liked working with her. What can I say, she delivered."

"We are big fans of Sheilas work. Within the past year (2014/2015) she sold my house in Libertyville and then helped us a purchase a new one in Lake Bluff. Sheila has many strengths, but the ones would focus on include but are not limited to:-Experience: Sometimes experience just means youve been doing something for a long time. However in Sheilas case it means shes been thru the ups and downs of the market and know how to manage it. Sheila first helped me understand the local market in 2007 when it was booming and prices were through the roof, I chose not to sell at that point and to wait, and while I didnt get the same price as I might have 7 years prior, her ability to adapt to the circumstances, understand our needs and to ultimately price the property appropriately were exceptional.-Knowledge: When we were looking for new properties our ideal selections were those that had potential to be changed into our vision of what our home should look/feel like. Since Sheila also has vast knowledge and experience from working with builders and developers earlier in her real estate career, she understands the potential opportunities and modifications that can be made to existing structures, and had many great ideas for ways to adapt existing homes to our style.-Perspective: As winter was setting in this year and the holidays were approaching we considered taking the home off the market and waiting until spring as many realtors suggest. I asked Sheila her opinion and she said, Well I cant tell you not to, but all you need is one person who wants to buy, and you never know when that person will show up. And if they are looking at houses in Libertyville in December they are going to be pretty serious about buying. I decided to leave the house on the market and sure enough, a few days before Christmas the ultimate buyers contacted us as they were in town for a weekend housing tour due to a new job and a transfer. Without Sheilas experience and knowledge she wouldnt have provided the perspective we needed to keep the house on the market.and sell it.Bottom line, finding the proper real estate professional is a highly personal experience, as one needs to find the proper fit for their personality and style. In our case Sheila Brooks was a great match and provided us with the experience, knowledge and perspective to make our transition from one home to another as painless as possible."

"Sheila has thorough knowledge of the Libertyville real estate market and trends. The right sales and marketing media channels were reached to advertise our home sale. Our property was listed at a correct market price that reached the right targets. We quickly found a most qualified buyer and sold the property from listing to close in less than a month. All my expectations were exceeded.PE"

"Sheila was great. She was upfront about both the positive aspects of our house, as well as those that needed to be addressed (and how). Her assessment was objectively verified by the brokers and potential buyers that visited the house. She also was on target on her valuation of the house, and provided direct and clear advise regarding the process. I have bought 5 houses in 25 years, and nobody has ever been close to Sheila. If I ever have to sell or buy a house again, I will be using Sheila."

"Sheila is a rockstar!"

"We had specific things we needed in a house. Sheila's knowledge of the area made it possible to find a great home for us in a short period of time. Glad a friend had recommended her and we certainly will do the same."

"Gave us a great tour of the area prior to seeing houses, made sure we had all school information. Will continue to refer friends, family & colleagues to Sheila."

"Very knowledgeable-worked on our behalf to make sure as buyers we got the best deal possible."

"Sheila is an outstanding agent in all aspects of buying a home, very knowledgable. Recommended inspector and lawyer who were also excellent. I don't believe we could have found a better agent!"

"Our broker has proven to be an experienced agent who has very deep knowledge about this market place which as we believe is one of good reasons we were able to sell our house just before this unusually challenging sale season is about to end. Her most valuable help and guidance to us came after we got the offer from the buyer, particularly during final price negotiation and after the house inspection."

"Sheila knows the Lake County market very well. She is a true professional and serves her clients well."

"Sheila's worth really became obvious during those unexpected bumps in the road during the sale process. Her vast network of service provider contacts in Lake County also proved invaluable."

"Sheila did an excellent job finding the property and moving the process forward. She knows the market and area. She made this an easy process."